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THE FUTURE KING'S LOVE-CHILD - Melanie Milburne - (The Royal House of Karedes)

Author Melanie Milburne has captured and written an emotionally charged romance in The Future King’s Love-Child, the 6th book in The Royal House of Karedes series. This is Sebastian and Cassie story, Seb being the soon to be crowned king of Aristo when they find the missing coronation diamond.

Honestly, emotionally charged doesn’t even describe this book because it’s very intense, full of secrets and the biggest one of all that 6 years earlier Seb and Cassie conceived a child, a child that was born in a women’s prison. It’s such a wonderfully crafted story which had me sitting on the edge of my seat at times.

Seb has been groomed to be king and the woman he can’t seem to get out of his mind after six long years has been released from prison and is at the palace. The very same woman who was found guilty of killing her father, a respected mayor of their city. He runs into her, the very same woman who rejected him years ago, the same woman with an extremely bad reputation for being spoilt and a party girl who had many lovers. However, even though he knows nothing can come of being with her again, he can’t seem to help himself and makes excuses and then demands to see her because he can, because he’s the King. And being the powerful man that he is plus his desires for her he’s insistent they resume where they left off years ago, because he feels she owes him.

Cassie is working at an orphanage and finally has her beautiful son with her. She’s working until her parole is up so that she can take herself and Sam off the island of Aristo, getting away from her past and starting over again. She has two secrets, the obvious she’s had Seb’s son and what really happened on the night her father died. She know no matter what that she’s never gotten over Sebastian but there can be no future for them because he will need to marry someone respectable once he’s crowned King. She also knows she must keep Sam’s secret from Seb and that she’ll never been seen as anything other than the girl who murdered her father. All of those years ago, her father had influential friends, friends that believed what he told them about his daughter.

As I kept reading The Future King’s Love-Child I couldn’t help but admire Cassie’s character. Her love for her child, her secret love of this man who kept demanding her time, taking both she and her son away, somewhat keeping them captive so he could get to know his son, mistrusting her every step of the way but also wanting to see some good in her. And then when her secret is finally revealed as to the evening of her father’s death, it tore my heart out. And thinking back about Seb, I also realized how hard it was for him when he finally realized that Cassie’s son was also his and how that must have hurt as well for all he missed in his son’s life.

Like all love stories, this one had it’s happy ending and a second chance at love But to get there they both had to accept and trust and when the press gets wind of Sam’s existence and prints a story of the Prince’s love child, everything falls apart. That’s actually when I fell in love with Sebastian’s character, when he finally realized all that Cassie had been through with her father, her giving birth to their son in a prison call and that he had to let her go, it was heartbreaking. Melanie Milburne captured this future kings story in such away that she made this man groomed to rule his country human, caring, sensitive and a man who could understand, forgive, a King that could love!

Author Post on I(heart)Presents:

“Lucky for me Sebastian Karedes and Cassie Kyriakis were perfect characters for me. They were both strong and protective of those they loved and they both had secrets they wished to keep.

Cassie’s secret was the most heart-wrenching of all. Not just of little Sam, her love-child by the royally born Sebastian, but the cruel details of her past that she had kept to herself for most of her life. While this was great material for me to work with, it was also challenging as I didn’t want to trivialize the painful and life altering experience so many people go through during childhood.” M Milburne

Book Description:

Cassie Kyriakis was wrongly accused of murdering her father and jailed, leaving her wild-child roots and Seb, her one true love, behind her….

Now, the throne awaits Prince Sebastian Karedes!

Seb once loved Cassie so passionately he would have chosen her over his kingdom. But she rejected him. Now that she's been released from prison, he discovers that she may be innocent and that she gave birth to his baby in her cell! Sebastian must choose between honor and duty. He will claim his love-child—but what about Cassie?

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