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Again Ally Blake delivers a beautiful romance to readers and fans. Beautifully portrayed emotions between two strong characters help to make Getting Red-Hot With the Rogue a story that delights the reader with a sensuality that cannot be forgotten.

Dylan Kelly, like the rest of his family, is dedicated and protective of his father and the family business and that’s about the extent of his trust. Very early in his life he learned one thing that women only wanted one thing from him, his money, his connections and his name. Now his family have banned together to protect their father who is ill while Dylan’s older brother is running the company and Dylan is the media exec. They don’t want the fact their father is ill to get out to the press. As one gets to know the family you understand just how “tight” they are and hopefully the very talented Ally Blake will continue this family saga in her future books.

ike Dylan, Wynnie Devereau is devoted to her brother and misses him like crazy. She actually doesn’t know where he is and hasn’t seen him because he’s on the run. He was accused of blowing up a building in the name of a cause and Wynnie at one time was also blamed by the press for the deed, until she was cleared. And now Wynnie has cuffed herself to a huge sculpture outside of the Kelly’s high rise office building in the name of conservation because she’s a lobbyist and wants to make a statement to the city by using the Kelly firm as an example. She wants to talk them into going “green” by turning off lights, not using so much paper, using coffee cups instead of paper ones.

It’s the way Wynnie and Dylan meet that will have you smiling and you’ll immediately see this couple have chemestry. While reading I chuckled quite a lot, loving Wynnie’s determination to make Dylan realize that KinG Corporation could make an impact and difference and possibly show the world how conserving could make a difference. It’s the way she approaches everything that had me smiling, her determination, her intelligence, her wit and her immediate attraction to this sexy man. However, what made it even better was the authors description of what Dylan felt when he first saw her face, her brown eyes, her physical beauty, setting the stage with what proved to be a beautifully charged and romantic love story.

They were so well matched in intellect, physically, passion and in their determination, so much so that is scared them both, especially Dylan because he once was hurt by a scheming woman. However, first and foremost he felt the need to protect his family and the family business. Their passion, their tenderness to each other will melt your heart. So will Wynnie, because when she realizes she’s not lusting after Dylan that she actually loves him and he’s definitely aware of the fact, well just prepare your self for a good cry. This very persistent, beautiful woman saw Dylan for who he was as a man NOT because he was a rich and powerful Kelly.

Trust me, you’ll love reading Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue and reading about how this beautiful young woman grabs and changes the sexy, stubborn Dylan Kelly and how he makes things right and perfect for them both.

From Authors Website:

Get to know the Kelly family, Brisbane's most famous banking dynasty.
They're rich, they're powerful, they've always had everything they've ever wanted.
Is there hope for them yet?

“And now that I’ve started writing about the fabulous and formidable Kelly family and their place in the beautiful Brisbane landscape, I’m not sure where I’m going to stop! Dylan’s brothers and sisters, and their friends, have all clamoured to the surface of my sub conscious, begging for stories of their own. Now my only concern is who will be the next to fall in love” AB

Ally’s Post on I(Heart) Presents:

“But by far my favourite is the meet-cute in my latest Harlequin Presents, GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE.

When I sat down to start writing GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE, as always the story was completely up for grabs. Imagine me sitting in my ugh boots and trakky daks (Aussie for tracksuits pants – I prefer velour if that helps the imagery). In front of me sat a bowl of M&Ms and a cup of decaf coffee (nursing mum here, so no caffeine – heaven help me). Breathless anticipation ensued. In what fabulous way were my hero and heroine going to meet???”
Book Description:

Dylan Kelly: a wicked rogue and hotshot businessman who makes men stand to attention and women weak in the knees….

Wynnie Devereaux: a clever, beautiful, but slightly ditzy girl, whom Dylan leaves feeling flustered and frustrated—in more ways than one….

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