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High Powered, Hot Blooded written by the New York Times best selling author, the enchanting Susan Mallery is a perfect holiday romance. It’s the type of book you’ll need to read in one seating because it’s Mary Poppins meets Scrooge and it’s so about love, family, trust and happy endings.

Duncan Patrick is a high powered, successful and ruthless millionaire and he’s furious because one of his employees has embezzled $250,000. He goes looking for Tim McCoy and instead of finding Tim he meets his sister, Annie. He finds her sweet and the perfect woman to help him change his image as suggested by his uncle and the board of directors. The very same ruthless image the press has been reporting lately. So, he offers the sweet kindergarten teacher an offer she can’t refuse, be his date and act like his girlfriend by attending holiday functions and he’ll apply the money to repay half of her brother’s debt. Part of the deal is to keep Tim out of jail so Duncan pays and sends him to rehab for his gambling problem. What Duncan doesn’t count on is how much of an impact she’ll have on his life.

Annie McCoy was one of the most charming characters I think I’ve read all year. Her sense of taking care of her family will warm your heart, especially at this time of year. Since her mother passed away, she’s basically raised her brother, and cousins and also has an exchange student and the girls living with her. Plus she helps to pay for their college and food and provides a home for them. So now she has this dilemma, she’s agreed to be Duncan Patrick’s Holiday date and finds him to be more than a boss. What neither counts on is their attraction for each other and then they take it a step further to becoming lovers. Annie realizes she has no future with Duncan because he’s already had one bad marriage and she sees through his toughness and finds him a caring, sweet and very handsome man, the very same man she loves.

Duncan definitely doesn’t want to hurt Annie and really appreciates her efforts in changing his image. He also believes her to be a woman with a big heart and from time to time his soft side is shown when he does special things for her family but one definitely knows that for him because of his past with his mother and ex-wife leaving him, he’s not going to take another chance at love. However, as one might expect, Christmas wishes due come true and to reveal them would ruin the book so I highly suggest you read this beautiful love story or purchase it for a friend because is truly a lovely holiday romance.

Behind the Book from Dear Reader:

“For my hero Duncan Patrick the holidays aren’t the least bit special. He doesn’t believe in tradition or family or even being nice to anyone. He doesn’t see the point. For him, life is all about the bottom line. He’s been so successful, he’s completely lost what really matters.

Now Annie isn’t looking for a powerful, determined, stubborn guy to warm her nights. But that’s exactly who she’s going to get. I think she’ll thank me later.” Susan Mallery

Book Description:

Mr. December: Duncan Patrick, CEO Scrooge

His Objective: Lose the "bah humbug" attitude

His Plan: Find the right (temporary) mistress

A powerful businessman, Duncan didn't like ultimatums, unless he was making them. But the board demanded his public image change. When he encountered sweet kindergarten teacher Annie McCoy, he knew she'd make him look like a perfect angel, though it would take some devilish manipulation.

Once he had Annie playing his pretend mistress, Duncan needed to make her his real-life lover. Could a grouchy CEO cultivate the charm necessary to win the woman he'd almost destroyed?

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Tamsyn said...

I love the blurb already - Anne is just the woman for Duncan. The perfect book for Christmas!


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