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Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by the very talented Abby Green takes one on a very ruthless journey with a high degree of sensuality and explodes with passion! It was so incredibly dangerous and intense and I couldn’t put it down nor at times stop crying. It was that extreme and emotional.

Rich, ruthless, handsome, and determined doesn’t even begin to describe Aristotle Levakis. He goes through women like sands through an hour glass. One day he slams into his secretary in the elevator and notices all of her lucious curves. When he takes a closer look at her and realizes he’s beyond attracted to her curves, he desparately wants her not only in his boardroom but also in his bedroom. He’s working on a secret deal and has the perfect plan because she’s signed a confidentially agreement. He’ll take her with him to Athens making sure she’s not only working with him on the merger, he’ll also make sure she shares his bed. He is absolutely relentless in persuing her, coming on to her, telling her it’s only a matter of time, touching her, kissing her senseless and poor Lucy Proctor is so overwhelmed as she too is attracted to him. However, her childhood is holding her back and memories of her mother’s men.

Lucy Proctor doesn’t even have a clue just how lovely she is both inside and out and tries to camoflage her looks by wearing glasses, tying her hair up and wearing baggy clothes. She’s been working a few years for the striking and brilliant Greek boss and he definitely unsettles her. On top of eveything else, whenever Ari breaks up with his georgeous lovers, he has Lucy buy gifts and sending thank yous notes to his latest flavor of the month and she doesn’t approve. When he suddenly comes on to her she’s taken back and can’t believe he could be attracted to someone like her.

The weeks spent together working, playing, making love were fantastic to read. Ari was relentless in persuing her and couldn’t seem to get enough of her. It was a very confusing time for him. And for Lucy, she realizes she’s in trouble because she’s aware that she loves him and knows it will not be returned and their affair will soon have to end.

During the final chapters of this wonderful and brilliantly written romance by master storyteller Ms. Green, be prepared for tears and up and down emotions. In the end, the message was very clear for both Ari and Lucy…..they had both been alone and lonely. However, Lucy did have a mother who loved her but Ari had no one to neither love him nor stand up for him. What I took away from Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress was for both Lucy and Ari was their realizing what’s important in life. For them it was security, acceptance for who they each were and most importantly, being loved.

Book Description:

Three Weeks in the Boss’s Bed!

Lucy Proctor watches the women who come and go in Aristotle Levakis’ life. She has no desire to join them, despite Ari’s devastating good-looks, and is perfectly content as his assistant – or so she tries to convince herself!

Ari shouldn’t find his prim and plump secretary attractive, but something about her calls to him. He knows there is only one way to overcome this desire – and that is to sate it...

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I have yet to read a book by Abby and so have added this one to my TBR list. It realy sounds good
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