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Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child was one powerful and emotional romance that shimmered with a sensuality that will melt your heart.

It was author Annie West’s first reunion love story which began with a twist when the handsome Alessandro Mattani who was suffering from a form of amnesia recognized a woman in a Melbourne hotel brochure. He’s certain he’s known her sometime in his past and that they were lovers. Sandro has learned from a very early age to guard his heart, neither to trust nor love. He’s a hardworking and ruthless millionaire and he’s determined to get to the bottom of how he knows this woman and why he’s certain she walked out on him. So he leaves Italy and goes to Melbourne hoping that by seeing her it will help him to remember the missing pieces of his life.

Carys Wells is one strong, lovely and caring mother and she’s determined to make a good life her for son no matter the personal cost. Even though she has asked her family for their support, they ignore her as they have for most of her life. She was different from them all and not accomplished like her siblings due to being dyslexic. Now she’s working in a limited position at an upscale Melbourne hotel and is shocked when she’s approached by her ex-lover and the father of her baby. The sexy and very same man who sent her away and broke her heart. She’s also shocked when she learns he doesn’t remember their time together. And then to make matters worse, when he learns he has a son and demands marriage her emotions are all over the place.

From the very beginning I knew in my heart this couple deserved a happy ending because of everything they had been through and everything they eventually overcame. Sandro’s mother left him at an early age and he had to toughen up and keep his emotions in check. As for Carys, not only the rejection from her family when her entire life she just wanted to be accepted for who she was; also Alessandro’s rejection and accusations before he cast her out of his life.

The emotions in this book are up and down for this couple and the sensual tension between the two leaps off of the pages.

And then the realization that Sandro might not ever remember how he once felt about her, how compatible they were, how much fun they had was heart breaking. On top of everything else a conniving step mother, misconceptions about an old family friend, a wicked cousin, just added to the strength of Carys love for Sandro.

This engaging romance was exactly what I expected from author Annie West; one with a twist, secrets, passion which leapt off the pages and powerful emotions. Its one love story I won’t soon forget because even though they for the most part had to start over, it was in the end the realization they loved each other more than life that was undeniable.

Book Description:

He’s forgotten their past, but not  her body…

A lavish masquerade ball is no place for plain-Jane receptionist Carys Wells. Used to being unnoticed by the glitterati, Carys feels vulnerable and exposed by the searing gaze of a dark masked man. Little does she know he’s the man she ran from two years ago, whose wicked touch is about to become her undoing once more…

Alessandro Mattani cannot remember Carys, but his body does – intimately. And the red-blooded Italian is determined to claim all that he believes is his…

Per the author, this is her first reunion story.

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Anna Campbell said...

Lovely review, Marilyn! It is an intensely emotional read, this one, isn't it? Definitely a keeper! And Alessandro is GAWJUS!!!!


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