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Magnate’s Mistress, Accidentally Pregnant is not just a believable love story set in the beautiful Caribbean; it’s magnificent and full of powerful emotions between a ship building billionaire and an accountant. It’s intense emotion and their affair sizzles off the pages, like the hot Caribbean sun!

Leaving behind her cheating fiancé and her “crazy” family, Ally Smith sets out on a Caribbean adventure that should have been her honeymoon, staying at a not so nice hotel. And then she spots him one sunny Caribbean day, the most handsome man she’s yet to see and the attraction between them is immediate. She meets him at a harbour where yachts and boats are moored. They discuss the boat he’s restoring and he asks her out for a meal because their attraction is so immediate they don’t even make it to dinner, they return to her hotel and make love. It’s a whirlwind and sensual couple of days until Ally is called back to the states to deal with a family emergency. She leaves a brief goodbye note with no contact information.

Chris Wells and his family are prominent shipbuilding and racing owners and he’s determined to purchase the Circe part of his family history, his father’s first win. Chris was a racer today because of his father and particular yacht. And then he meets Ally, so the work is delegated to friends because he wants to spend time with her, lots of time. Trust me on this, the author is very graphic with amazing, sizzling and sensual scenes, And then abruptly their time together ends. However, he bribes the hotel manager for her contact information and now weeks later he still hasn’t called her because her note “stung”; he felt he deserved more from her due to their intimacy and enjoyable time spent together.

Ally returns home to her business and partner and her “nutty” emotional family. She’s their caretaker, she’s the rock in her family and she’s also finds out she’s pregnant with Chris’s baby; it’s definitely his but she’s not going to contact him. And then the unbelievable happens, he calls her at the insistence of a family friend, her partner misinterprets who he is and spills the beans. Furious, he comes to Savannah to confront her and talk about World War III, you’ll shutter just reading about their reunion, quite different from their passionate time spent in the Caribbean together.

Be prepared for emotional ups and downs as penned by the very talented Kimberly Lang. She so nails the emotions and the passion which literally leaps off of the pages. Kimberly takes all emotions into consideration, Chris, Ally, his grandfather, her crazy parents and so much more and makes one wonder if this drop dead gorgeous and daring man and the sweet, sensible accountant will have a chance for the future. It brings a lot to mind. Should a marriage take place for the sake of the baby? Should it take place because of the passion they share? Because they come from two different worlds and life style, do they have a chance?

Magnate’s Mistress, Accidentally Pregnant is truly a beautiful and passionate love story and in the end, one of give and take, sacrifice and understanding what’s important, the person you loved!

Behind the Book:
Kimberly Lang talks about her ideas behind her book at I(Heart)Presents

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Book Description:

Pregnant by the wild and wicked billionaire!

Ally Smith might have dumped her cheating fiancé, but she refuses to waste her non-refundable honeymoon in the Caribbean!

Trying to embrace her freedom, Ally meets sexy stranger Chris Wells… Not recognizing him as the famous thrill-seeking tycoon, Ally throws caution to the wind and allows Chris, with his hot body, to sweep her into an even hotter summer fling!

But back home Ally realizes that, unlike her tan, memories of their wild night will never fade… Oh-so-sensible Ally is expecting the playboy's baby!

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