Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mortal Enemy, Immortal Lover – Olivia Gates from Awakening the Beast (A Collection of Six Sexy Bites)

Olivia Gates two characters Desiree and Javed literally explode off the pages with their shared passion in Mortal Enemy, Immortal Lover.

This was my first reading venture into the “nocturnal world” and was quite an enjoyable experience. I suspect it had to due with the author herself because I’ve read her sheikhs and royal series. At first I had to concentrate

Javed was an experiment, a little bit of everything, a hybrid that made him over a thousand years old. He had killed a multitude of vampires and demons and now he finds himself in a horrible situation, he’s met a human woman who has been driving him crazy. He knows he cannot act on his emotions because it would mean Desiree’s demise. When he goes to her home to tell her goodbye and give somewhat of an explanation, he attacked violently and to his surprise it’s by Desiree.

Desiree is an Eradicator and unleashes her power straight at Javed. When things finally cool down and explanations are given, they can finally act on the passion they’ve been holding back and oh what passion they possess. Reading their love story I could see them fighting the universe together and that they did when they were hunted down by ninety-four predators. When Javed realizes he might loose his love, he bites and sucks the life out of her making her, he hopes, immortal.

In the end, whatever the future held for both of them, this couple would fight it together like any other love story. I loved how Javed who had been fighting for over 1,000 years found love.

Behind the Book:

“It felt like coming home when I wrote the dark and intense love story of Javed and Desiree. The backdrop of the complex urban fantasy setting provided the perfect catalyst to ignite the sensuality –and the high stakes—surrounding them. And I can’t wait to write more about their universe and in the paranormal genre that knows no limits.” Olivia Gates  Website:


Enter the darkly seductive world that exists within Nocturne Bites with tales woven by some of the most spellbinding authors: Lisa Renee Jones, Olivia Gates, Linda O. Johnston, Barbara J. Hancock, Caridad Piñeiro and Lydia Parks. Let them take you on a thrilling ride where you'll catch a glimpse of sensuous, sexy men who share their wildest desires in ways you thought only existed in dreams….

From the moment they met, Javed and Desirée have shared an explosive passion. Yet Javed fears that being with Desi will put her in danger from the monsters that inhabit his world...monsters like himself. An immortal half-vampire, half-demon with both species’ powers and none of their weaknesses, even Javed may not be strong enough to save Desi from his enemies. He is determined to end their affair to protect Desi...and to tell her the truth about himself.

But Javed isn’t the only one with a deadly secret. For Desi is an Eradicator, a breed of human with special powers trained from childhood to eliminate all demons. Once their true identities are revealed, will these destined enemies destroy one another--or will their love be enough to overcome an otherworldly feud centuries in the making?

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