Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress - Susan Stephens

The al Maktabi brothers...........Kings of the desert… Masters of the bedroom!

Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress by the very talented Susan Stephens was definitely Cinderella/Prince love story but an unusual one.

I’m not sure I can pinpoint why I felt this way but it’s definitely a different sheikh romance. There’s a lot of interaction and dialogue between the two main characters Razi and Lucy and they are as different as night and day. Razi is the love them and leave them playboy prince but now it’s time for him to take the throne and he wants one last fling. His country, his brother and friends are very important to him but duty comes first.

As for Lucy Tennant, she’s English born an accomplished chef at one of Razi’s exclusive skiing chalets. She’s sweet, innocent and bright but lacks self confidence. Immediately Razi or as he calls himself Mac, seduces Lucy and brings her and introduces her to intimacy she never dreamed of and stirs unbelievable emotions. This couple are so different from each other one can’t imagine how explosive their affair is and how it abruptly ends.

Lucy finds out she’s expecting their baby and decides to travel to Razi’s desert kingdom. Their meeting is explosive, their time spent together in the desert amazing, seeing their twins sonagram beautiful and sorting out their future emotional to say the least. Its East meets West, compromise and understanding the past in order to have a future. It’s simply beautiful!

Author Susan Stephens weaves such an emotional, sensual and roller coaster romance set in the magical desert with such passion and hope for the future , a magical romance you won’t want to miss.


Duty vs Desire in the desert!

Women around the world sighed when Sheikh Razi al Maktabi declared his playboy days were over and duty would be his new mistress.

But he found time for one final fling before he took his desert throne, and curvy chef Lucy Tennant certainly whetted His Majesty’s appetite. A whiz in the kitchen, Lucy was a beginner in the bedroom, and Razi couldn’t resist one last challenge.

But one night has led to the scandal of the century! Lucy has unexpectedly arrived at the desert palace…proud, packed – and pregnant!

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