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Author Rachel Bailey has written an extremely heated and entertaining romance in The Blackmailed Bride’s Secret Child. It’s about secrets, betrayal and second chances set in beautiful New Zealand’s wine country.

As I began reading this wonderful romance I asked myself would I be able to walk away from the love of my life, to sacrifice happiness to keep a secret that I knew would destroy him. Well that’s what Beth did because her lover Nico’s brother Kent, blacked mailed her into marrying him and whisked her away from Australia and took her to New Zealand. Now the very evil step-brother Kent has passed away and who should arrive on her doorstep but Nico himself to provide his condolences from his father and from him.

Nico Jordan is determined to have Beth in his bed again. He’s here on his father’s behalf for two reasons, to meet his nephew, persuade Beth to allow access to his father to see his grandchild and to attend the launch of a new Jordan wine. However, his main goal is to bed Beth. And then walk away. He doesn’t give her much of a choice because unbeknown to him, Beth still loves him. He taunts her, demands to take her to the launch and then keeps touching her and she succumbs to his charms and spends the night with him. Always first and foremost in her mind is that she can’t let Nico meet Marco because when he does, he’ll realize he’s Marco’s father.

There were so many secrets to the fabulous love story. For Nico, Beth still takes his breath away even though he fights it because he feels so betrayed that she left him for his brother and he can’t seem to let it go. For Beth, she needs to find the papers her deceased husband has left hidden so that Nico and his father aren’t hurt by that secret she’s been keeping. Also, the fact that Marco is Nico’s son and she still loves Nico.

When the inevitable happens, and Nico accidentally meets Marco, well everything changes. Their meeting will have you weeping, Ms. Bailey’s has written such and sweet and moving meeting of father and son. However, it’s the heartache for Beth, seeing father and son and knowing they would probably never be a family unit because of her betrayal and hurt she caused Nico. Be prepared for this roller coaster romance because you’ll wonderful if Nico will ever be able to forgive Beth and give her a second chance.

The Blackmailed Bride’s Secret Child more then satisfies readers by giving them a fully developed love story in a short contemporary romance.

Behind the Book:

Author Rachel Bailey says in Dear Reader:

 "There's something about a tortured hero, something I find irresistible. And my heroine B eth, finds Nico Jordan quite irresistible too--so I know she'll need a very good reason to have left him five years ago (though he wasn't tortured back then, just the plain old garden-variety irresistible!) Luckily Nico finds Beth just as tempting."

Rachel also spent some time in the Marlborough region of New Zealand researching and wine tasting. What great fun!

Book Description:

Nico Jordan's world shattered when his lover Beth betrayed him by marrying his brother. Now, seven years later, Nico wants some answers. But that's not all he wants. When he lays eyes on Beth again, the overwhelming desire he once had for her comes surging back.

Beth never forgot the only man she's ever loved—or the scandal that surrounded their union. Although their attraction is still strong, Beth knows she must resist his advances. Succumbing to even just one night of unrelenting lust could unravel her secret—a secret that would threaten more than their relationship.

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