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The Greek Tycoon’s Reluctant Bride by Kate Hewitt is an extremely powerful story where emotions run high and that’s putting it mildly!

The way the author introduces her hero, Demos Atrikes was amazing. In the Prologue, one learns that at the early age of twelve, Demos’s father left the family leaving him responsible for his mother and sisters. And then a wonderful thing happenes, Demos met a wealthy Englishman who mentored him, allowing him to work so he could help support his family. His mentor also sent him off to school where he became a marine architect and now he builds yachts and is a very successful and well respected millionaire.

Demos’s character I adored as I could see his strength, and his determination to take care of his family. And now he realizes that maybe he needs to give up his playboy life style, marry, move forward and set an example for his youngest troubled sister. The author shows so many of Demos emotions such as the guilt he feels towards Brianna, his young sister who clings to him and his need to find someone strong who doesn’t depend on him.

One evening while attending a business associates party , he sees a beautiful and vibrant young woman, a siren with sex appeal and immediately he’s attractted to her. He wants her and he’s determined to take her out. Let’s just say for Demos it becomes a challenge to find out her identity and more about her. She interests him because he feels she’s strong, sexy, somewhat of a wild child. She’s someone he won’t have to take care of like he’s had to do for his family. He can just enjoy her and get to know her.

Althea Paranoussis is one of the most unsual heroines I think I’ve ever read about as she has so many secrets that have mapped out who she’s become, a woman who appears to be strong but is tormented. A spoilt socialite, who embarrasses her father through bad press. She wants someone to see her for who she is but Demos sees her beauty, how vibrant she is and decides he wants an uncomplicated life with a wife that will excite him and not drag him down with the need to cling.

When Demos finds out from his mentor that her father has arranged a marriage for her, he approaches him with an offer her father can’t refuse. Althea’s father threatens to throw her out on the streets if she doesn’t marry Demos and it becomes clear to her she’s trapped. In the end, Althea accepts because for her Demos gives her options and hope that maybe she has a chance to live, to escape her past, and move forward.

She’s numb during her wedding and at their reception. And then on their wedding night everything unravels because of her past. Demos is shocked by his new wife’s behaviour as he thought he was marrying an experienced woman. Their wedding night sets so many things in motion and Demos won’t stand for what’s happened and demands they go on a honeymoon to get to know each other and become a couple. Horrible secrets are revealed which makes one wonder if they have a chance. When they finally make head way because of Demos patience with his new bride, if gives one hope. And then the most horrible thing happens, they are called back to Athens due to a family suicide attempt. Because of the family guilt Demos has been carrying, he rejects Althea as he can’t take one more person depending upon him.

Through a new strength gained because she knew she loved Demos and with a new found determination, Althea convinces her husband not to give up, they can have a future. She forces him to see they both love each other. All I can say is that Kate Hewitt has written an engrossing plot with shocking twists and turns and I found myself on the edge of the seat. It’s takes two people so opposite yet meant to be and in the end the most wonderful happy ending.

Behind the Book From I(heart)Presents:

Book Description:

Darkly handsome Demos Atrikes wants a wife to provide heirs to his fortune. No emotions, no complications…

Catching sight of stunning, intriguing Althea Paranoussis, he has to have her. She may be a society party girl, but he believes she's perfect wife material—and their wedding is arranged.

The chemistry between them is all-consuming. But once married, Demos discovers the painful truth of Althea's childhood. She needs more from him than he'd ever planned to give….


Anonymous said...

hi, i enjoyed reading your review and then the book ,,, the heroine was different though i wish there was an epilogue to show us how they were doing !

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Yes she was different. I emailed Kate and asked for Brianna's story and a follow-up for Demos and Althea. Hoping her editor will approve. Thanks so much for the comment.


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