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Nicola Marsh has penned an outstanding love story in Marriage: For Business or Pleasure? It is evident that Ms. Marsh is incredibly talented when it comes to writing stories guaranteed to inflame the senses of her readers

Nick and Brittany had a past as 10 years ago they were lovers. For Nick she was the one but he sent her away. However, Britt was determined to leave because of an abusive father and when she asked Nick to go with her, he turned her down. Now ten years later she’s back with a proposition to the Mancini’s and if they agree, she’ll get the promotion she’s determined to get putting her at the top of her field in advertising..

Nick is now the only Mancini running the family sugar cane plantation he inherited from his father. He has also become a millionaire and own several five star hotels. He can’t believe Britt has come back home and when he hears her proposal he ups the anty by offering her marriage because in order to branch out internationally if he’s married he won’t portray a playboy image. Britt still affects him but Nick doesn’t believe in love. He didn’t love her ten years ago, he felt he lusted after her. To him love meant loss, loneliness, and pain emotions he could do without. The women in his life walked away and the only thing he knew for sure was the Mancini plantation and his hotel chain.

Ten years of wasted time away from each other for this couple, years of hurt, pain, misunderstanding and they’ve both kept secrets from each other. While Britt was here in Australia they had eight weeks together, plus she needed to visit her father and try to make amends before he died. All of the abusive memories came flooding back to her and when she saw her father, nothing had changed, he was still the same mean and angry man she left ten years earlier. So now she wants to focus on her career and that meant speding time at her new husband, out at the plantation where it all began, making her pitch to get her promotion. Can her heart stand being around the love of her life? Yes, because they become intimate and she realizes how much she loves this man and how if would hurt to much to leave him again. She wants it all and most important of all, his love!

His “red” still affects him; nothing has changed that fact. However, keeping his hands off her was becoming more difficult; the stolen kisses, touching and now she was his wife and after having her, he wanted it all. But first he had to settle the score with her father. Back then he had the need to show the town and Britt he could be a success and now he's determined to become a success in the international market as well.

And then things start to unravel; secrets, trust issues cause it all to explode in their faces. Nick realizes he loves her and trys to prove it but she in the end she leaves and returns to London. The ending surprised me because I had hoped all would end well for this couple. I didn’t think I would shed a tear……wrong! I admired this Italian bad-boys stamina to get the woman he loved back. Hold on to your heart, because the ending chapters will surprise you.

Nicola Marsh ties everything together and made this the most magnificent love story taking their past into the future, giving the reader a romantic story full of second chances.

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Book Dsecription:

Brittany Lloyd faces the deal of a lifetime…with the ex who broke her heart—Italian tycoon Nick Mancini. Little does she know that her rebellious bad boy is now a multimillionaire….

Nick can't believe his eyes! His red-haired wildcat has become a businesswoman, with designer suits to match. She needs his help…and he wants her. So he proposes a convenient marriage—strictly business, of course!

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