Tuesday, February 16, 2010

THE VENADICCI MARRIAGE VENGEANCE – Melanie Milburne (Latin Lovers)

Melanie Milburne takes her readers on a sensual and emotional journey with The Venadicci Marriage Vengeance. It’s a very engrossing and emotional love story.

For Vinn Venadicci it was going to be a pleasure to tame the woman who he couldn’t seem to forget and now she was going to become his wife after seven long years. Vinn’s mother was the St. Clairs housekeeper and during her teenage years Gariella had taunted him and on the eve of her wedding when he asked her not to marry because he knew the truth about her husband, she refused but not before kissing him back. And then he knew someday they had to be together, even though she was marrying out of duty to her family and to a family friend.

He was ruthless, rich and had the power to save her father’s company and the choice was hers as Vinn gave her only one option……to marry him. Gabby agrees for her parents sake but she wasn’t going to give up without a fight. She might marry him but he was definitely not going to have her. In her youth she had been shallow and cruel to Vinn, had taunted him and now she thought he was going to get even with her. However, she needs Vinn to settle and save her father’s company as someone is calling in the loan and trying to take the company. What Gabby doesn’t know is who and the secrets concerning the takeover. All she knows is due to her father being hospitalized, he can’t take one more stressful event in his life.

The sexual chemistry between Vinn and Gabby leaps off the pages. She can’t seem to control her temper around him where Vinn controls his quite well. Is he out for revenge because of the way she treated him in the past? Has there always been an underlying attraction to this Italian bad boy by this spoiled rich girl? Yes to both but you will absolutely not believe how spectacular their love story is and how they work though their past, their present and their future.

Their marriage begins with all sorts of barbs, accussations and the honeymoon, well let’s just say, Ms. Milburne wrote one romantic masterpiece. My heart ached for them both because trying to read between the lines, I sincerely believed they must have loved each other all of those years ago when Vinn had visited her brother and his mother at their mansion. All of those years of Gabby teasing, taunting and making fun of him. And now, the tables are turned because their time honeymoon spent together at the St. Clair’s island resort had their emotions skyrocketing! When Gabby reveals about her abussive marriage and Vinn reveals a few things himself, you actually wonder how they can make this marriage work.

In the end, it was about forgiveness, understanding and accepting each other, loving each other. The Venadicci Marriage Vengeance is one incredible romance and gives one a new meaning to second chances.

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Book Description:

Wedded for revenge, bedded for pleasure!

Gabriella St Clair is desperate: she and her family face financial ruin. One man can help her. But he’s the very man who wants to see her beg...

Merciless tycoon Vinn Venadicci had a heart once. But after an encounter with the young, spoilt hotel heiress Gabriella, any feelings he had were locked away for ever. Now she’s on his doorstep --- pleading. He could send her packing. Or finally have a little vengeance of his own. After all, Gabriella Venadicci has quite a ring to it.

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