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The Virgin’s Secret by Abby Green was a sensual and riveting read. It was also connected to the author’s recent release, Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress. Revenge and getting even was the main theme of the book between two Greek families the Parnassus and the Kassianides.

Leo Parnassus for me was like no other alpha. He was extremely handsome, charismatic, wealthy in his own right and should have grown up in Greece. However, his family including his grandmother were exiled to North America because one of their own was accused wrongly by the Kassianides. Now years later due to his father’s hard work to clear the family name and along with that make the Parassus shipping business worth millions, Leo is called back to Greece to take over his father’s firm and for the first time in his life, steps on Greece soil. On the eve he is to be announced the head of the family business, he meets a waitress who takes his breath away and he kisses her. When Angel realizes who he is she flees his villa and then the worse thing happens, he finds out her identify, that she is a Kassianides. That she’s from the very same family who cost him so much of his childhood; his mother’s death, his father’s affection and not allowing his beloved grandmother to return to Greece.

Angel Kassianides was not only a beautiful and talented woman, she was devoted to her sister Delphi. Her first love was designing and making jewelry but she had to give that up to help send her sister to law school and support her family. Angel worked hard taking menial jobs. On top of that, her abusive father had turned to the bottle because of his families down fall. And just when you think nothing more can happen her sister finds her self pregnant and unable to marry her childhood sweetheart. His family won’t allow it due to the Kassianides scandal. Angel is determined to give her sister everything she wants no matter what the cost.

Leo and Angel were destined to meet, destined to be together and their love story is powerful yet very painful to read. The plot was brilliant, a family feud, passion that sizzles off the pages, anger, mistrust all of the ingredients for a roller coaster romance. So when Angel finds out that her father has broken into Leo’s villa and has the power to destroy and humiliate the Parassus family yet again, she takes the document he has in his possession and tries to sneak it back into the office at the villa. Of course, she’s caught by Leo, they argue, they kiss and he demands his revenge in the form of payment; he wants, no he desires her and demands she become his mistress! What Leo doesn't count on is her inexperience and he’s floored when he finds out she’s a virgin.

Angel has one condition to becoming his mistress. She insists that Leo makes the marriage happen for her sister and he agrees. However, not before parading her before Greece’s high society, humiliating her, flaunting their relationship especially before her father at the wedding and causing her fathers’ wrath. And this wonderful and sweet Angel, takes it all not just for her sister but because in the end she realizes no matter what she loves Leo but also realizes he’ll never love her back. However, now that her sister is married will Leo’s revenge be to discard her like the trash? Her mother had abandoned her at a young age, her father treated her cruelly and would Leo do the same? Leo struggled with emotion, his feelings and he struggled with his need for Angel and Ms. Green portrays those emotions brilliantly!

Author Abby Green charmed me with this beautifully crafted romance. Reading about Leo letting go of his past and accepting his feelings of love for Angel was amazing to read. The Virgin’s Secret is quite an extraordinary love story, so full of emotions and secrets, harsh secrets one will find hard to read. In the end, this wonderful romance is about trust, forgiveness, acceptance and love. It's a keeper, one I'll read over and over again.

Behind the Book:

This book was born out of my last UK release: Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress. My hero in that book, Aristotle Levakis, does a big deal with a recently repatriated Greek titan of industry in Athens, and I suddenly found myself wondering if this man who had been in exile in the US all his life, had children? And what would it be like if he had a son who was coming to Greece - his ancestral homeland for the first time? Then I wondered what could have driven this family from Greece in the first place…and came up with a plot.

Leonidas Parnassus comes to Athens for the first time in his life and is blown away by the pull it has on him when he spent his life growing up in the states. Also he is stunned at the strength of hatred he feels for the family who were responsible for his family’s misfortune and enforced exile. For the first time he can really appreciate what he’s missed.

On his first week in Athens he meets a lowly waitress, Angel, and is captivated by her. But then he finds out that she is not just a waitress; she is the daughter of his family’s sworn enemy. And Leo vows to have his revenge…even though Angel is innocent, in all respects.

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