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March Recipe of the month - Cheesy Baked Omelet

With holidays around the corner, here is a cheesy baked omelet from La Petite Boulangerie.


A tasty layered omelet which can be made ahead and baked for brunch.

1/2 loaf French sliced bread
3 Tbsp butter (melted)
4 oz. Swiss cheese (shredded)
4 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese (shredded)
12 slices bacon (cooked and crumbled)
8 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup white wine
2 green onions (chopped)
2 tsp Dijon-style mustard
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 cup sour cream
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (grated)

Butter bottom and sides of a 9 x 13 baking dish. Place bread slices on bottom of dish and drizzle with melted butter. Sprinkle two cheeses and bacon over bread slices. In a medium bowl, beat together eggs, milk, wine, green onions, mustard, and peppers until foamy. Pour egg mixture evenly over cheese and bread. Cover tightly with foil; refrigerate overnight.

Remove omelet from refrigerator and let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Bake omelet, covered, for 45 minutes (or until set). Remove foil; spread omelet with sour cream and sprinkle with Parmesan. Return to oven and bake (uncovered) until lightly browned, about 10 minutes. Makes 12 servings.

HER MEDITERRANEAN PLAYBOY - Melanie Milburne and Kate Hewitt

Review: Mistress at the Italian's Command by Melanie Milburne

Author Melanie Milburne again charms her readers with a very intense and emotional read with Mistress at the Italian’s Command with the dashing Italian Vittorio Vassallo and the lovely Australian girl Ally Benton who fiercely protects her twin sister. From an early age when their mother died because of a suicide, Ally took care of her twin sister. Ally would do anything for her twin Alex, even it it meant trading places in order to protect her and find out exactly what kind of trouble and scandal her sister has caused a prominent Italian family.

Never in a million years does Ally believe her sister stole money, caused a scene and destroyed her lovers brother-in-law’s new and very expensive automobile. When her sister was a teen she had to take medications because she was diagnosed with a mental illness; now she has tried to commit suicide. Ally has always taken care of her twin emotionally and financially and now she’s determined to get to the bottom of things when she’s confronted in Alex’s apartment by Vittorio Vassallo. He accuses her sister of many things and so Ally gives him the impression she’s Alex and agrees to go back with him to Italy where things can be sorted out. She also agrees to pretend to be his mistress because he won’t let her out of his sight. He tells her all sorts of hurtful things about her sister and keep her close. But as fate would have it, as they get to know each other, there’s an immediate and deep attraction between them even though they try to fight it.

Vito is immediately attracted to Ally but fights it because he doesn’t want his brother-in-laws “left overs”. They are constantly disagreeing about what happened yet there’s a definite attraction between them and then when he can no longer stand it, he takes Ally’s virginity and many feelings take place for this strong, virle alpha, she’s like no other woman! And then, he suggests out of the blue that they make a real marriage because out of sense of duty from his family, he doesn’t want his sister to get hurt by her cheating husband’s affairs. She’s under full bed rest because she soon to deliver her first child. It if makes theirs a real marriage, because of the scandal and because he and his brother-in-law look so much alike, the press might believe it was Vito who had the affair with Ally who he believes is Alex.

Then the nightmare begins, because Ally’s lost her heart to Vittorio, she meets her sister’s lover in the flesh and so much more comes out, not just the stolen money and the car incident, but a secret she couldn’t believe, and the reason why her sister fled and tried to take her life. When she realizes what a mess everything has become, Ally flees and goes to finally see her sister who was recovering beautifully in Switzerland.

Twin stories are some of my favorite and this one was so well written with all sorts of twists and turns and the passion between Ally and Vito absolutely lovely to read. In the end, this Italian certainly when learning the truth and realizing how much this selfless woman gave to her sister and him, brought him to his knees, giving the lovely Ally her happy eve rafter as well as his. This two in one romance is an excellent way for readers to sample a new author or a favorite as Ms. Milburne is for me! A fun, fast paced and beautiful romance!

Review: Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress by Kate Hewitt
Kate Hewitt has written a heartwarming love story giving both of her characters love and in the end, a home. Emotions and belonging both Leandro Filametti and Zoe Clark were secretly yearning for and it took them time to sort it all out! A very sweet and beautiful love story set at Lake Como and in Leandro’s run down villa.

Leandro Filametti was a handsome and very determined man; he absolutely didn’t want to make the same mistakes his father made by seeking out cheap tarts who only wanted one thing, money. His father had not only done that and created a scandal for his family he had also gambled away his fortune and caused Leandro, his mother and sister shame and embarrassment. Now Leandro was at the Filametti villa, working and trying to get it ready to sell. He placed an ad in a newspaper seeking a housekeeper, someone who would not know of his families history.

Zoe Clark is a spirted young woman, who is used to not having a home, moving from city to city, job to job, with no sense of belonging. She’s very pretty, sensual and wants to take the job in Italy to get away and enjoy her self for the summer, trying to forget the mistake she recently made by giving herself to a man who used her and called her names, insulting and hurting her in the process.

Now she finds herself with the unfortunate responsibility of trying to get the dilapidated villa in order, cleaning and cooking for the surly Italian who literally accuses her of being as he refers to her “a girl like you” in which he’s implying she’s a tart. Zoe finds herself attracted to him and so does he to Zoe but he fights it every step of the way. A touch here and there, a look, his referring to her morals because it’s always in the back of his mind what his father did to his family. It goes on for weeks, him shutting himself in his study, Zoe cleaning, their swimming together, a few sightseeing trips and then wham! They can’t take it anymore and act on their passion.

They decide they can continue to act on their passion for the next two months until the renovations are done. In a way, life becomes easy, they work during the day and love each other at night. Then Zoe realizes she wants something more, her deepest secret……love, a home, a family. When it’s confirmed that won’t happen, she leaves in the middle of the night and returns back to New York. Will this stubborn Italian realize what he’s lost? As only Kate Hewitt can write, she pulls this short romantic story together in the most fantastic way, giving to her readers, a most charming and sweet happy ending.

Book Description:

Two intense and passionate stories in one special volume by two fabulous Presents authors!

Mistress at the Italian's Command by Melanie Milburne
When a ruthless Italian tycoon appears on Ally Benton's doorstep her instinct is to protect her twin sister. But becoming gorgeous Vittorio Vassallo's mistress is more than she'd bargained for!

Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress by Kate Hewitt

A housekeeping job in a crumbling villa on Lake Como was a fresh start for Zoe Clark. But she hadn't bargained on her dangerously sexy boss—Leandro Filametti. As the blazing Mediterranean sun heats up, Leandro realizes his one desire is to claim Zoe….

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Mira Lyn Kelly takes her readers on a sensual journey with Wild Fling Or a Wedding Ring, her brilliant debut which doesn’t let up for a minute because their passion immediately flares into combustible.

Cali McGovern is a driven woman and determined to land a promotion which will take her to London. Due to a past relationship that went sour because the man she loved not only cheated on her, he also asked her to give up a coveted position, letting her employer down. That would never happen again and so Cali was determined to work extra hard for her boss Amanda in their Chicago office to earn the London position.

Upon her arrival in Chicago, Cali spends an evening at a jazz club her boss recommended based on her ex-brother-in-law Jackson. She realizes she’s going to have to put her nose to the grindstone so this one evening, she’s going to relax because the next morning she’ll move into her apartment and check out her office. What she doesn’t count on is being hit on by a drunk nor being rescued by a handsome doctor by the name of Jake. She also doesn’t count on being lip-locked with the most handsome man she has ever met in a telephone both. Nor does she count on the next morning when that very same doctor arrives on her doorstep, that this man called Jake was actually her bosses ex-brother-in-law, Jackson. Talk about a small world or was it?

Jake Tyler has it all, he’s a well known physician, he’s handsome, built like a Greek God, can have any woman he wants but he has only one flaw, he doesn’t do commitment. He adores Amanda as they were childhood friends and he married her sister. But now years later since their divorce, he learned one lesson the hard way and doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Now, however, he’s faced with a problem, he's more than attracted to Cali, she’s also living next door to his apartment and she’s also employed by his ex-sister-in-law. He wants to see Cali and she tries very hard not to make that happen because she secretly believes her boss is a little in love with Jake.

Jake was relentless in his pursuit of Cali and then under the confines of yet another small place, they act on their passion, it’s so explosive it leaps off of the pages of this magnificent love story and it doesn’t let up throughout the entire book with the exception of the last chapter. “Wild fling” was exactly that because Jake knew it would soon be over and she would leave . So why not have a “fling” and enjoy each other for a few months?

Cali couldn’t believe it, she was in over her head, she had feelings for Jake, feelings that she couldn’t keep from him as it showed in her eyes. When Jake realized it, he wanted to put an end to their relationship but somehow Cali convinces him she can walk away when the time comes and so they continue their combustible affair and in the end she goes to London.

Be prepared for your heart to reach out to Cali, for tears to fall and praying that Jake would come to his senses bringing them both a happy ending. Author Mira Lyn Kelly delivered it all in Wild Fling Or A Wedding Ring? This debut book was incredible and a well crafted super charged romance! In the end, the author gave the Chicago playboy and woman he adored a chance at their well deserved happiness!

Mira Lyn Kelly's The call and 2nd book

About Mira Lyn at I(Heart)Presents

Mira Lyn’s Website

Mira Lyn’s Blog

Book Description:

She can’t resist the Chicago playboy!

On her first night in Chicago, Cali McGovern meets seriously sexy surgeon Jake Tyler. Since she’s still sore after her last relationship, her head’s yelling Run—but her body’s screaming for his touch….For the first time ever, her head gets overruled!

Jake isn’t looking for a wife—been there done that. But his hot new neighbor is in town just long enough for a wild fling…perfect! Yet when the time’s up, he can’t say goodbye. Is that just because of their sizzling chemistry—or something a whole lot scarier?

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WITHOUT MERCY, Set in Jackson’s Home State of Oregon, is Published in Hardcover and Goes On Sale Tuesday, March 30th

Lisa Jackson was crowned “the queen of the modern-day suspense thriller” by The Providence Journal* in their review of her novel Lost Souls, and is well-known for her “gripping”*** plots and the “unexpected twists and turns”**** of her stories. In her sixteen national bestsellers published over the past eight years, Jackson has rained murder upon cities as far afield as Savannah, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and even on the mountains of Montana.

Usually she leaves her own region, the Pacific Northwest, unscathed, having set only three of her bestsellers there: Wicked Game, written with her sister Nancy Bush, Deep Freeze, and her number one New York Times bestseller, Fatal Burn. Now, in her new hardcover novel, WITHOUT MERCY, on sale March 30th, Jackson again unleashes killers close to home, this time in southern Oregon, specifically in the state’s beautiful—and now extremely deadly—Siskiyou Mountains.

The rugged setting is well-suited for Jackson’s fictional Blue Rock Academy, an elite boarding school with a reputation for turning wayward kids around. Far off the beaten path, the secluded, breathtaking campus is a veritable Eden, albeit one with a literally captive audience. That’s precisely what Edie, Jules Farentino’s mother, was looking for when she enrolled Jules’ half-sister, Shaylee Stillman. Drug use, theft and vandalism were already on the seventeenyear-
old’s rap sheet when she decided to rob a convenience store with her boyfriend. Now, Blue Rock is all that stands between her and juvenile detention.

Jules wants to believe the school can help her sister, but she’s not convinced. It seems one of the Academy’s students went missing months ago and has never been found. Some say she died during one of the school’s questionable treatments. The deeper she digs, the more concerned Jules becomes. When Shay manages to sneak a call to Jules, she
begs her for help. She’s frightened and convinced her every move is being watched. She believes there’s a conspiracy afoot and that the missing girl was killed by someone at the school.

Jules, already dogged by nightmares since discovering her father stabbed to death in a home invasion, can’t bear thinking that Shay may be in danger. Stymied in her efforts to
find out more, she manages to obtain a teaching job at the school. Then, just before Jules arrives, a student is found hanged. Shay, hysterical, is certain it’s murder. Staff members do nothing to alleviate Jules’ concerns. They are wary and unwelcoming, except for Cooper Trent, another recent hire and Jules’ former love. He has his own theories and his own secrets.

Suspicions pile upon suspicions, none of them seeming to lead anywhere. Then, as a blizzard completely cuts Blue Rock off from civilization, another teenager is found dead. There is no doubt something deeply sinister is at hand, but what? And are Jules and Trent too late to stop it, or just in time to become the next targets of a bloodthirsty killer?

In WITHOUT MERCY, Lisa Jackson has created yet another emotion-filled, frightening exploration of good vs. evil set in a world where evil often prevails, with protagonists who must come to terms with their own misconceptions and fears if they hope to triumph.


A native of Molalla, Oregon, number one New York Times bestselling novelist Lisa Jackson has set her latest novel, WITHOUT MERCY, among the Siskiyou Mountains in the southern portion of the state. Notably, this is not the first time Jackson has left blood on a mountain range. Prior to the Siskiyou, she anointed Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains and Oregon’s Coast Range.

The author of sixteen bestsellers, Jackson’s novels are now fixtures in bookstores and on national bestseller lists. This outstanding success has brought Jackson something she craved for years. That being the freedom to do what she loves best—sit down, open her mind to possibilities and spin another complex tale of suspense and relationships

Jackson began writing at the urging of her sister, novelist Nancy Bush. Bush, inspired by both the success of authors she admired and the burgeoning market for romance fiction at the time, Bush was convinced they could work together and succeed. They teamed up, determined to write and to be published. They were—just not together. Though their first dual efforts went nowhere, each found success as writers by moving in different directions. It would be twenty-five years before they once again combined their talents, this time to create the national bestseller Wicked Game, published in 2009. It will be followed in 2011 by Wicked Lies.

A member of the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America, Jackson is also the author of Malice, just published as a paperback reprint, the paperback original novels, Left to Die and Chosen to Die, and many others. Her first New York Times bestseller was the paperback original Cold Blooded. Lisa continues to live, love, work and kill in the Pacific Northwest.

“This best-selling and prolific author is a master at mixing a hair-raising thriller with sensual romantic suspense. Her latest whodunit hits all the marks, taking readers on a nail-biting roller-coaster ride. It’s sure to appeal to all lovers of serious mystery, thrillers, and dark romantic suspense.”
—Library Journal

"[A] juicy creep-a-thon from bestseller Jackson... This campy cool
thriller builds to a surprising cliffhanger ending."
—Publishers Weekly

“Jackson takes creepy to a new level with her latest chilling offering. Sisters who are as different as day and night form the core of this lethal mystery, which is enhanced both by the location and
the weather. Leave it to Jackson to give her readers a frightening tale
filled with danger and shocking twists.”
—RT Book Reviews
Press Release:

For a chance to win a copy of Without Mercy, stop over to Romance Author Buzz, read the Q&A, become a fan on Lisa's Facebooks page and post your information.
Lisa was recently interviewed on a NW television show. Here's the interview.

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Susan Mallery's Fools Gold Contest - Ends April 1st

Dear Reader,

April 27 is fast approaching, and I am so anxious to get CHASING PERFECT into your hands! To help pass the time more quickly, I’m holding the “Fool for Love” contest. Have you ever been a fool for love? Tell me about it! Make me laugh, make me groan, and remind the world about the overwhelming power of love. True romantics will do anything to chase that perfect feeling. Love!

You can email your story to me, post it here on Facebook, or even Tweet me, if you can tell the tale in 140 characters or less. I’ll share your stories on my website in Dear Reader letters and on Facebook. One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of CHASING PERFECT just as soon as I receive my author copies. The winner will be announced on April 1.

In fact, April 1 will be a big day here at We're celebrating April Fool's Gold Day! Lots of surprises in store, so mark your calendars now and be sure to check in on April 1!

Happy reading!

Susan's Website

Man Shortage in Folls Gold California - Wine Country Town, Census Reveals

Preliminary census results have revealed what residents of Fool’s Gold, California have long believed to be true: Fool’s Gold, which bills itself as The Land of Happy Endings, is suffering from a shortage of men, and no one knows

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REVEALED: A PRINCE AND A PREGNANCY - Kelly Hunter (Hot Bed of Scandal)

Kelly Hunter wrapped up her Hot Bed of Scandal in a spectacular way with Revealed: A Prince and A Pregnancy. The two book series has been an exceptional one to read.

In the first book we learned that the children of Chateau des Caverness took care of each other. The Duvalier’s were Luc and Simone of aristocracy and the housekeeper’s children Gabrielle and Rafael. Luc and Gabrielle had a history and were caught in a grotto acting on their sexual attraction., the result having Gabrielle banished and sent to Australia at age sixteen. However, Rafael and Simone, actually fell in love and Rafe asked her to leave France and go to Australia and marry him. However, she refused and stayed to help her father and brother because she felt she was too young to leave, and had nothing to offer Rafe. Of course all romances come with secrets and one is left to know Rafe’s world will certainly be turned upside down because a King is claiming that Rafe is his son, he’s dying and wishes to meet him. So the father Rafe has known as Harrison Alexander is not actually his biological father. But Rafe definitely loves and respects Harrison.

This is Simone’s and Rafe’s story and a lovely one as all four will be reunited in Australia for Luc and Gabrielle’s wedding. However, so many years have passed and the reunion is not a pleasant one for Rafe. For Simone there has been no other man and for Rafe he can’t seem to over the past. However, they agree for the sake of their siblings to make the the wedding special, they work together along with the bride, groom, catering staff and it’s a wonderful wedding. Simone is very direct with her feelings to Rafe and Rafe keeps turning away from her until two of the wedding staff plot to have Rafe walk her back to her room and then neither of them can take it longer. They act on their passion and Rafe invites Simone to travel with him to Sydney because he has a meeting with King Etienne, a meeting his sister and bother-in-law tried to talk him out of because they new the secret! However Rafe is curious because it involved a subject he loved, wine and the King had vineyards he wanted to discuss with Rafe.

Simone knew immediately when she looked into the King’s eyes that she needed to get Rafe out of the meeting. As soon as she saw the eyes she understood why Gabrielle didn’t want her brother to meet with the King because this was Rafe’s father. She tried everything and then the worst thing happened, the King told Rafe he was his father, Rafe felt betrayed and had harsh words with Simone, sending her away. Simone returns home to France and has an unexpected surprise, she’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby but she doesn’t tell him, his sister does. So many complications in their relationship but I just kept believing they would finally be together because of Simone’s deep love for Rafael and her determination to love him unconditionally.

“He was her angel, so lost and wounded, so thoroughly prepared for rejection.” Never under estimate the power of love because Simone agrees to stay with Rafael while he restores the vineyard leaving her beloved home in France. However, in the end when Rafe realizes what she means to him, he puts his past behind him and does so many incredible things to give her the same happiness Simone has given him.

Kelly Hunter made the last ending chapters magnificent to read as all of the children of Chateau des Caverness were reunited, living and working together for the good of each other and their families and erasing all of the bad from their pasts and only looking forward to the good and their futures. The Hot5 Bed of Scandal series had it all, romance, tension, secrets, scandal.....a wonderful family saga.

Book Description:

When heiress Simone Duvalier sashays back into Rafael Alexander's life, Rafe can't wait for her to head back home and leave him to his empire-building in Australia. They once shared so much, but all that remains are memories and the desire to bed her….

Simone has never forgotten fiercely ambitious, achingly sexy Rafael—and neither has her traitorous body! But when a princely secret and an unplanned pregnancy threaten to change everything…can this dark-hearted bad boy become a prince and a father?

Kelly Hunter website


Gabrielle Alexander had been sixteen when she’d been sent away by her cold mother to Australia and all because of a kiss! Author Kelly Hunter blew me away with that opening statement and from that moment on I was transfixed and riveted to Exposed: Misbehaving With The Magnate, the first book in Kelly’s Hot Bed of Scandal series.

Gabrielle Alexander had spent most of her life trying to please her mother and now by her childhood friend she’s been summoned back to France because her mother was ill. Back at the Chateau her first encounter is with Luc Duvalier the very man who was forbidden to her. And now facing each other after seven years, it’s overwhelming for her plus again, she’s rejected by her ailing mother. Then the most interesting thing happens, Luc tells her mother if she doesn’t shape up, he’ll ship her out and Luc and Gabrielle have a conversation about their past, one that I was quite sure was not over for either of them.

It was still there, the sensual tension, wanting her, desire soaring through Luc Duvalier and she was simply driving him crazy from want and need. He also felt his protective side because he always felt because of him she lost her home in France because they were caught acting out their passion for each other seven years earlier. Luke wants to find out her plans and he does when they discuss Gabrielle’s and her brother’s Rafe’s Australian wine business. Rafe is a long time friend of Luc’s and has become a very successful vintner. Gaby wants to look into taking their wines to a different level by finding a new distributor and possibly purchasing an old run down vineyard and house for their business. This would allow her to return home to France, the place she loves so much. Luc and Gaby can’t seem to stop their banter nor their mutual feeling of sexual attraction so Luc takes it a step further when he tells her he wants more and she accepts.

The Duvalier’s and the Alexander’s have so much history as Luc and his sister Simone and Gaby and her brother Rafe were childhood friends. They also had more than childhood history, Luc and Gaby the sexual attraction and Rafe and Simone actually fell in-love and Rafe asked her to leave with him and move to Australia. However, she refused because she was young and he really had not come into his own, so it caused heart ache for them both. Throughout Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate their history is exposed, along with secrets and the abuse that Gaby suffered under the hands of her mother. It made for an incredible story and it also set the pace for Rafe and Simone’s story which is part of Ms. Hunters Hot Bed of Scandal series.

What was so amazing about this particular love story was reading about Gabrielle’s learning to understand herself and not falling back on her mother’s harsh and hurtful comments about Luc when she told her daughter Luc would never want to marry her because she wasn’t good enough. Even with all of the abuse from her mother I felt it made her stronger plus she strength and determination due to the love of her brother and father. In the end, she realized she can have it all and that Luc loved her for who she was and being the housekeepers daughter didn’t matter. As for Luc, I’m sure he always loved her and being with her, seeing her as an adult woman, her beauty, her passion, made him want to spend the rest of his life with her, so much so he gives them both a fresh start. It was a beautiful second chance romance one so special I read it from cover to cover thanks to the very talented Kelly Hunter.

Book Description:

Forbidden desire…..

Seven years ago Gabrielle was the housekeeper's daughter, and Luc Duvalier, as the heir to a vast fortune, was forbidden! One hot kiss got Gaby banished, but she's returned home determined to face Luc as an equal—in every way!

Unleashed passion!

The heat between them is all-consuming, and they both know it is only a matter of time before they give in—despite the scandal this will cause. But this maverick magnate doesn't care—he aims to keep Gaby so busy that she never leaves again!

Behind the Book at I(heart)presents

Kelly’s Website

Look for Book 2, Revealed; a Prince and a Pregnancy in April 2010, the second book in the series.

Readers At Home Conference - Lucy Monroe

Harlequin Presents and Brava author Lucy Monroe is attending The Romantic Times Conference this year. I've heard from some that it is great fun. For her readers and fans who cannot attend, Lucy is having a blog party which will introduce you, possibly, to some new authors. Prizes galore!

Every day there will be multiple authors visiting and guest blogging, with new blogs posting every 3 hours between 6 AM and 6 PM. And cover models? We've got 'em - with behind the scenes action as well as hero inspiration. There will be daily drawings for multiple prizes, including dozens of signed books, a B&N gift card, a t-shirt, 3 prize tote bags filled with books & goodies (donated by Sue Grimshaw from BTRB and Becke Martin), free online subscriptions to Affaire de Couer magazine and 2 more Swag Bags given away each day. What could be better?

To be eligible for daily "door prizes" you need to register for the conference. However daily "blog post" prize winners will be drawn daily from all the comments made on all the posts (as per my normal blog prize policy - each comment is counted in the drawing). Two ways to win lots of very cool prizes!

Stop over to Lucy's Blog and check it out!

Lucy’s Blog

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Presents Author Kelly Hunter's Hot Bed of Scandal Series

The Description reads......Two Families torn apart by secrets and desire are bout to be reunited in the two book series Hot Bed of Scandal. In North America March - Misbehaving with the Magnate and in April, Revealed" A Prince and a Pregnancy.

Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate - Gabriella Alexander returns to the French vineyard she was banished from after being caught in flagrant with the owner's son, Lucien Duvalier - only to finish what they started!

Revealed: A Prince and a Pregnancy - Simone Duvalier wants Rafael Alexander and always has, but they both get more than they bargained for when a night of passion and a royal revelation rocks their world!

About Kelly

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Author Michelle Reid has written an extremely sizzling and firey romance in Marchese’s Forgotten Bride. To call it a roller coaster and emotional romance doesn’t even touch on it; it’s explosive, passionate with a surprise ending, one I certainly didn’t count on.

The very sexy Italian alpha Alessandrao Marchese known as Sandro Rossi to Cassie appears after six long years of absence in her life, they very man who broke her heart and was the father of her twins. And now, he’s the new boss of her firm. What is a girl to do? Cassie draws on her inner strength when she is forced to meet him at an office party because he is the new owner. She’s beside herself and then the unthinkable thing happens, he acts like they’ve never met and then falls to the floor in a dead faint.

Cassie Janus was still in shock when she realized that the man who told her six years earlier when she tried to tell him she was pregnant with twins and said, “I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you, please don’t ring this number again”…..well he was either faking it or he honestly didn’t remember her. And later that evening after his “swan dive” she realizes it’s true but she doesn’t understand and she also doesn’t understand why he has the same pull on her as he did when they spent two glorious weeks together, before he left her and went back to Italy. Now she finds that he’s very ill so she agrees when they leave the office party early in his car and goes to his apartment to find out if he’s lying or not, that the sexual attraction is still there and they can’t help themselves and they act on it. She’s so ashamed, still thinks he’s lying and flees to her home and children.

Alexandro Marchese is no fool, he’s sure they’ve met before and he’s also sure because of the sensual tension he feels when he looks at her or touches her. He’s also been told by his staff that she is not married and has twins. So he does his homework by contacting the family friend he’s purchased the business from to find out more about her. Being a determined Italian, he’s relentless because he keeps having flashbacks into the past he can’t seem to remember and he’s sure he knew her quite well and that’s she’s keeping something from him. And then in a heated moment he learns from Cassie they had been lovers and that he’s the father of her children. Well, just when one thinks it can’t heat up anymore, it does and it becomes extremely emotion for them all. However, Sandro pulls out all of the stops after he meets his children and in a devious way using the twins, he announces to the family friend and Cassie that they will become a family and that he and Cassie will marry!

All he asks of her is to “take a leap of faith” with him and marry him because it will not only make them a family but will also give them pleasure being together because they are so good together. However, Cassie can’t get past how much her hurt her and because he can’t seem to remember her and their wonderful time together, she’s not sure she can trust him. And then let’s just say, the bottom falls out of everything and a scandal is revealed which potentially can ruin their impending marriage. Michelle Reid did a brilliant job of introducing the “scandal” part into Marchese’s Forgotten Bride and his memory returning making this a beautiful happy ever after ending, giving Sandro and Cassie a second chance!

Book Description:

How can she tell him she’s expecting his twins...?
When Alessandro Marches strides into the headquarters of his latest acquisition, one person is particularly struck by his awesome presence... The tingling of Cassie’s skin let’s her know her new boss is the who left her – pregnant with twins! And now it seems he’s forgotten her altogether!

But the formidable Italian is more affected by Cassie Janus than he lets on. The darkness of his memory is lifting. Now Alessandro needs just one more thing to complete the picture – Cassie, with his wedding ring on her finger...

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If you want sexy, chemistry, danger, suspense and interesting characters all rolled into one, then Julie James Something About You is the perfect romance for you. I had the privilege of winning this book from Jane at Dear Author and I’m so glad I entered the contest because I never would have found the author on my own.

Years earlier Cameron Lynde was told by her superior in the US Attorney’s office that she couldn’t try a case against a Chicago man and his organization who were suspected of all sorts of illegal activities. It cost an FBI undercover agent Jack Pallas not only the memories of being tortured by these men and the two years he was undercover, it cost him his position at his Chicago post with the FBI. Cameron took the fall for the decision not to prosecute and also went out on a limb to save Jack’s position with the FBI and he was transferred to their Nebraska office. He was totally unaware that Cameron came to his assistance and persuaded his boss not to fire him.

Now years later, she meets that same FBI agent in a Chicago hotel because a Senator’s call girl has been murdered and Cameron saw the murderer leave the woman’s room from the door peephole in her own room which was right next door. As fate would have it, Jack and his partner are assigned to the case and are assigned to protect her when there’s a leak about her being an eye witness. Then she’s attacked and Jack is forced to move in with Cameron and believe me, things really heat up.

Julie James writing style, sense of humor, and passion made this romance-suspense one I will long remember. Her characters from Cameron’s college friends, her best friend’s bachelorette party and wedding, to the undercover Chicago cops and Jack’s FBI partner watching over her made Something Like You a most entertaining love story. It’s simply a fun, sexy read, with a lot of spice, danger, tenderness, and was a sincere pleasure to read.

Julie James will be added to my auto-buy list. Her style of writing, her sense of humor and her romantic side just perfect ingredients for a contemporary romance!

Book Description:


Of all the hotel rooms rented by all the adulterous politicians in Chicago, female Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde had to choose the one next to 1308, where some hot-and-heavy lovemaking ends in bloodshed. And of all the FBI agents in Illinois, it had to be Special Agent Jack Pallas who gets assigned to this high-profile homicide. The same Jack Pallas who still blames Cameron for a botched crackdown three years ago—and nearly ruining his career…


Work with Cameron Lynde? Are they kidding? Maybe, Jack thinks, this is some kind of welcome-back prank after his stint away from Chicago. But it’s no joke: the pair is going to have to put their rocky past behind them and focus on the case at hand. That is, if they can cut back on the razor-sharp jibes—and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension…

Praise for Something About You

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“The al Maktabi brothers...........Kings of the desert… Masters of the bedroom!”

In Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress one was introduced to Razi al Maktabi and now you’re going to meet his half brother Ra’id al Maktabi in Master of the Desert by the extremely talented Susan Stephens who pens the most delightful sheikh romance which took me on such a sensual fantasy and journey, one I’ll long remember

Ra’id is described as “darker than night and twice as dangerous, who sits on the Sapphire throne of Sinnebar. Scarred inside and out, Ra’id is a powerhouse of strength and command. He rules his heart like his country….with an iron will. Now one woman is about to come between him and his throne.”

One is immediately made aware of Ra’id’s strength and power and how much he loves his country. In the most bizarre way, he meets the lovely Italian beauty Antonia Ruggiero when she sneaks onboard his yacht and takes not only his food but also his knife. She sought passage on a vessel which was boarded by pirates and narrowly escaped harm by swimming for her life, seeking refuge on Ra’id’s yacht and seeking his assistance in getting to Sinnebar. Antonia is adored by her rich brother who has seen to her every need and she wants to prove herself to him by promoting his charity. However, what neither Ra’id nor Antonia count on is the chemistry between them. Like the hot desert sun they combust and share passion on a beautiful deserted island, never revealing their true identities. Their affair is brief and ends once they dock in Sinnebar, or so they both believed. However, fate has other ideas for this pair.

Antonia Ruggiero may be young and spoiled but she has the heart of a lioness. She’s determined to make a difference in the world and to take the opportunity to find out about her deceased mother who once spent some time on Sinnebar before marrying her father. In order to set up her brother’s charity she needs to meet influential people. When she finds out those people will be attending, a party along with Sinnebar’s ruler, she decides to crash it. Only it backfires when guards arrest her, she’s deported and sent back to Italy. What Antonia doesn’t count on months later is the news that she’s pregnant with a man she spent time with on a deserted island; the very same man she only knew as “Sarif”.

In Susan Stephens first book one learned about the strong bond between these two sheikh rulers and that they shared the same father. However, their father had a mistress who was Razi’s mother, Helena. Their father did not allow his mistress access to her son. Instead, he banished her to a citadel where she was miserable. Helena eventually escaped and returned back to Italy with Antonio Ruggiero, leaving everything behind. Helena married, having two children Rigo and Antonia and then died.

Sheikh Ra’id is determined never to let a woman get in the way of his country nor make bad decisions for his people like his father once did with his mistress. And then, a locked door in the palace is revealed to be the place where his father’s mistress once lived and a document which leaves a parcel of land to her daughter, the daughter Ra’id knew by the fictitious name of “Tuesday”, the very woman he shared passion with on an island.

Upon returning home to Rome, Antonia was determined to prove to her brother she was worth something and she worked very hard setting up his charities all over Europe. And now she was fueled with more determination because she wanted to set up the charity in Sinnebar, and find information about her mother. However, there was unfinished business there as well, the man she only knew as Sarif, the man who was the future father of her unborn child. But Ra’id has other ideas because like her mother, Antonia was a “threat to his people’s happiness, with those documents granting her land in Sinnebar” and Antonia was his father’s mistress daughter.

She’s shocked when she attends the meeting with Sinnebar’s dignitaries, when she meets the ruling sheikh and finds out he’s the very same man who stole her heart. It all heats up and becomes very complicated, very emotional and such a journey for this pair of fated lovers. To think her mother was Ra’id’s father’s mistress, to find out she had a brother, to see her mother’s possessions in the palace and the desert fortress, to feel her mother’s pain, to long for Ra’id, to love him, to know his passion again only to feel rejected.

As only Susan Stephens can pen, Master of the Desert was a magnificent and sensual journey with strong and interesting characters. As sheikh Ra’id said to his bride, “if you look with your heart, you will find as I did, the most important things in life, aren’t land or possessions, they’re invisible.” Don’t miss the al Maktabi Brother’s series, they’re both such strong, romantic and passionate sheikhs!

Book Descriptiuon:

Stranded, seduced…and pregnant!

Sheikh Ra’id al Maktabi mastered the wild inhospitable desert out of necessity… But the sexy stowaway who has clambered onto his yacht he’ll tame for fun.

He assumes that heiress Antonia Ruggiero is used to being pampered and preened. But on his boat Ra’id is the master. He’ll put her to work scrubbing the decks – and after hours he’ll take her between the sheets!

Until they get to dry land, where the only mistress Ra’id obeys is duty. But an unexpected pregnancy could change all that!

Susan's Website

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Kim Lawrence has written quite an enjoyable sheikh in The Sheikh’s Impatient Virgin which is definitely about honor and duty.

Eva has recently found out the identify of her father and that’s she’s actually a Princess. Since both her mother and father are now deceased, she’s gone to the desert kingdom and met her grandfather, uncles and cousins. Her grandfather believes it’s time for her to marry and he has just the man in mind, Prince Karim Al-Nasr who just happens to be in London tending to his young daughter who has cancer. A date is set for them to meet but Karim has to cancel due to his daughter’s illness. However, fate steps in for the form of his aid who is so concerned that the Prince is not sleeping, that he drugs his tea. Like I said, fate steps in, Karim escapes the hospital one dark and dreary night and eventually ends up on Eva’s doorstep drenched to the bone. He falls asleep and somehow ends up in her bed in the middle of the night.

Karim is shocked to awake the redhead’s bed, spooned and caressing her in his sleep. He’s somewhat tarnished her reputation and that of her grandfather the King especially when the press get wind they spent the night together. He demands for reasons that will affect both countries that they have a civil ceremony and return home to their native land. Eva doesn't go willingly, she’s a hot firey redhead, one that on scholarship at the university, one that thinks the Prince to be arrogant and a bit cold, but she goes when everything is explained to her, and subconsciously goes between the fire that flows between them draws her to this handsome sheikh.

Eva is lonely and pretty insecure and Karim is busy with matters of state. However, she does spend an enjoyable time getting to know her stepdaughter. At a State function, she meets Layla, a dark haired, beautiful and lush family friend and it’s obvious the woman has designs on Eva’s new husband. She’s insecure because they haven't consummated their vows and she wants that more than anything but that evening she feels shunned and flees. Let’s just say their marriage takes a down hill turn in more ways than one and one wonders if they will ever have a chance at happiness. Environmental events cause them both to be put in danger and then they act on their passion. However, months later Layla tries to force Eva to leave and return to London but telling her untruths and their relationship is at stake.

The Sheikh’s Impatient Virgin was a great read, a sassy and entertaining one set in desert kingdom who in the end welcomed Princess Eva as one of their own.

Book Description:

Set up against her will as a potential Arabian queen for the notorious Sheikh Karim, unworldly Eva has a plan to deter the desert king. She will convince him she's a modern, sexually experienced woman—and definitely not marriage material—even though she is really still a virgin.

However, the next thing she knows, Eva's become a bride! And her new husband is having a startling effect on her…. She finds herself increasingly impatient; could it be that shy Eva is curious about what lies ahead in the sheikh's marriage bed?

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Lynne Graham has created the perfect ending to her Pregnant Brides series with Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress. It was brilliantly crafted with emotions running high between Atreus and Lindy.

To this reader it was evident that the Greek billionaire shipping magnate Arteus Drakos was going to have a problem with the sweet Lindy he found naked swimming in the river on his property. He was a private man who didn’t like his privacy invaded nor did he like to be inconvenienced and this woman was trespassing on his property and her curves and her body kept him sleepless for days. He was used to dating petite blonde models and was never in a long term relationship. And then he finds out she is his tenant, more to drive him crazy.

Lindy was an inexperienced young woman, a very sweet one who worked hard to support herself. Of her two college friends who were featured in earlier books, she was probably the most naive and she certainly had never met a man who made her feel like she would like to spend time in his bedroom. During her college years there had been one man she had a crush on and now he was just her friend. However, he was a critical one pointing out flaws he thought Lindy had. And there was her new landlord who she found conceited and rude and she almost wished she could move because he irritated her. And then the most unexpected thing happens, she sees his mansion on fire and goes to warn him and almost dies in the fire herself saving a trapped cat.

Arteus only spent the weekends at his country home. When he saw a woman he couldn’t seem to get out of his mind rushing into his kitchen which was about to collapse, he saves her and then the most remarkable thing happened, he kissed her and everything changed for them both. It was a series of events, taking her to a hotel because the power is now out in both their homes, then acting on their passion, she fascinates him and he’s not ready to let her go. She was a breath of fresh air, she was strong, discrete and honest qualities he valued. So their sensual affair began only on weekends when he came back home to relax from his busy business and social life. He made it clear that he didn’t do love, absolutely didn’t want children and secretly he was determined that when he married it would be to a woman from his social circle and that she would have as much wealth as he did.

Lindy’s in trouble in more ways than one. She’s in love with Arteus, she’s insecure because she read about him in the gossip magazines and he was seen with beautiful models. It got to the point where Lindy didn’t feel he valued her because he didn’t take her out in public, they had a fight and she realized all she had ever been to him was a mistress, not someone he actually cared about, just someone for the weekends who catered to his every whim, every need, who arranged her schedule for him. And they part in a bitter and very heated argument.

Then a series of events happen; his business manager demands she move out for back rent, she finds herself pregnant with no where to live and to add to the entire mess, his name appears in a newspaper on the arm of a beautiful Greek woman with the hint of an upcoming marriage. It’s like a domino affect and could it get any worse? The only stable thing in her life were her two friends, one of them offers her a cottage on their estate to live in and also run her business from, plus have the security to know that she and her baby would survive without him, because she was a survivor. She was a young woman who watched her father die in a fire, she had to drop out of college to take care of her ailing mother until she passed away and her little business was thriving. She would get through this ordeal as well because she loved her unborn child and had the wonderful support of friends.

Arteus was furious, he was so mad he couldn’t see straight because a story had broken just when he thought everything in his life would work out as planned, a story which claimed his ex-mistress was pregnant which caused a scandal for him and his Greek family. He couldn’t believe it even when he confronted her and it became messy. So much of his past as a child had shaped him to the man he was today; his parents behavior, the way he was raised not to feel nor show emotions. While reading about his struggle and taking into account that he was going to be a father was very emotional to read. The ending chapters were brilliant, how Lynne Graham tied all “The Pregnant Brides” together….the three friends, their husbands and their second chance because from the beginning I knew it would have the perfect ending, from this very amazing author!

Lynne Graham’s website
A USA Today Bestseller

Book Description:

Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Drakos made her his mistress. Her—with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle making candles and potpourri! However, Atreus seemed enchanted by her curves when he made passionate love to her at his country retreat.

But Lindy came down to earth with two bumps, first when Atreus revealed she was just his weekend mistress; his bride would be selected from the upper echelons of Greek society. The second bump she wouldn't be able to hide…because she was carrying Atreus's baby!


Author Trish Morey is certainly a “rock star” with His Mistress For a Million, which I personally read non-stop because is was so very intense. As Cleo’s nanna said, everything has a “silver lining” and a happy ending. This wonderful love story certainly did and then some. It was so good it made the USA Today Best Seller List.

Cleo came from humble beginnings from a dusty little outback town named Kangaroo Crossing where her mother, nanna, step-father and twin brothers still lived. She was a high school drop out and was known by her female classmates as a failure. And now she was working as a cleaner and cook in a seedy London hotel because she had trusted a man she met on the Internet. A man who not only took her virginity but also her money. This man made her feel like a fool for believing in him and now that her money was gone and she didn't have a return ticket to Australia she really felt like a loser. Because of her lack of education she had to take work that would put a roof over her head. Then the worst possible thing happened when she was told by a handsome Greek stranger that he now owned the hotel where she worked and she had to vacate immediately. This meant no job and no place to sleep.

Andreas Xenides was a Greek billionaire out for revenge against his father’s old business partner who embezzled from the business, disappeared and left his family with nothing. Shortly thereafter his father died. Andreas has found the culprit, tells him he now owns the hotel and for him to get out immediately! He makes arrangements for the guests but when confronted by Cleo he’s not sure what to do about her. He then remembers what he was thinking about on the flight from Athens to London; how he wanted to end his one time affair with his Marketing Director. The only way he can think to do that is to bring a woman home with him as his new mistress, so he proposes to Cleo that she become that person for one million US dollars.

Think about it, a tall, dark and handsome Greek billionaire gives you a way out for a month, with a signed contract with a no-sex agreement, and a chance to repay your family with enough money left to start over…….would you take it? After lots of emotional thoughts and talking to him to make sure he understood it will only be play acting. Cleo agrees but is also frightened and she also has trust issues. After a full make-over and purchasing a designer wardrobe, off they go to Greece, with Santorini being the destination.

It’s all so overwhelming for Cleo and the sensual current and tension between them is hot. She’s very jumpy every time he touches her, nervous and a little insecure. However, Andreas sees so much sweetness and sincerity in her unlike the women he’s ever dated and he also realizes that even though he provided her with a makeover and beautiful designer clothes, she was lovely inside and out and sincerely loved Santorini and it’s culture and history. Enough so that when she eventually returned home to Australia she wanted to study and go back to school.

Their time together became very natural, they became easy with each other and acted on their passionate feelings. Andreas found he wanted to spend less time at the office and more time exploring Santorini with her; he sincerely enjoyed her in and out of the bedroom. On top of everything else there was pressure from his mother to marry and give her grandchildren and pressure from Petra his co-worker who was determined to destroy his relationship with Cleo and have him for herself.

Then like the volcano on Santorini, everything erupted, Petra’s deceit, Andreas leaving for London because he couldn't face emotions and Cleo was determined to return home because of it all, knowing that he could never care for her. So many emotions and deceptions.

His Mistress for a Millionaire had all of the components for a perfect emotional romance full of revenge, deceit, passion, misunderstanding and forgiveness. It was a compelling read, one I will personally long remember thanks to author Trish Morey.

Behind the Book at I(heart)presents:

Book Description:

For one million dollars: mistress at his mercy!

Jobless, homeless and penniless: humble housekeeper Cleo Taylor seeks a suitable position of employment. All good offers accepted…

Billionaire tycoon Andreas Xenides seeks beautiful woman for business contract on the luxury island of Santorini. Terms: mistress for a month. Salary: one million dollars.

Training will be given….

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March/April Contest - Compliments of Harlequin Ambassadors - Maureen Childs

I'm a member of the Harlequin Ambassador program and have FOUR copies to give away of this book.  It's one of Maureen Child's earlier series, The King's of California.  One Harlequin Community member stated after reading MARRYING FOR KING'S MILLIONS
"Maureen Child has managed not only to tickle my funny bone but to tell a tale worth re-reading......She Snags the reader with a marvelous romance, a hero to die for and a feisty heroine any woman would love to have as a best friend."  Sunny Cole

Wed and bed one of his biggest client's unsavory daughters? No thanks. But the only way millionaire Travis King could get the man off his back was to marry someone else. So he handpicked his temporary and on-his-terms bride--hometown girl Julie O'Hara. The woman was desperate and should easily fade into the background. And, as per their contract, she'd do exactly what he wanted during their year of platonic marriage. Unless what he wanted began to change...


Maureen Child is a native Southern Californian who is still waiting for evidence that autumn actually exists. She's written 40 books since making her first sale in 1990, and is as excited about writing today as she was then.

When she's not writing, Maureen and her husband like to travel, and usually drag her parents along for the ride. There's nothing quite like a road trip with three people reading different maps and shouting instructions to the poor driver, Maureen's long-suffering husband. But all that traveling gives her a lot of research material for more books.

When she's at home, Maureen rides herd on a busy house filled with two grown children, their assorted friends, and the world's most confused golden retriever, Abbey. Abbey, unfortunately, is afraid of the wind. She knows something is out there, but she can't see it, and refuses to leave the shelter of the house alone on windy days. So look for Maureen on cold, windy nights. She'll be in the backyard, holding Abbey's paw.

Maureen's Website

To win a copy of this book, please tell me if you will or will not celebrate St. Patricks Day.  Remember to leave your email address so that I can contact you.  Contest Ends April 15th.

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Daisy Bell had spent ten years of her life building up the family fairground museum and becoming a mechanical engineer against her parents and boyfriend’s objections. And now someone has vandalized it. Past boyfriends and her parents didn’t understand her passion for the museum and now with the mess it was in, she couldn’t go to her family for help. However, her friend Annie put out a call out for help by posting an article in the newspaper about the vandalism.

Felix Gisbourne was a successful businessman and his speciality was to rescue businesses before they went under. When his PA shows him the article in the paper, he’s intrigued and decides to check it out. It’s a perfect opportunity for him to give his mother an excuse so he doesn’t have to attend another of her parties where she’s always trying to fix him up and marry him off.

When Felix sees Daisy’s picture in the newspaper article, he was intrigued. And then when he personally met her, they were both overwhelmed. He invited her to a business dinner and found they had so many things in common, especially they both liked to fix things, she engines and the rides and he businesses. The chemistry between them was magical.

Like the old saying goes opposites attract. The chemistry between them is magical and they can’t seem to fight it any longer and they have a secret affair. Felix accepts Daisy for who she is, a woman with a passion for her work, a woman who absolutely is not girly, who doesn’t wear dresses or make-up and she in turn adores him fror the man he was as well. However, they both have painful secrets, especially Felix which hold them back. However, Daisy is sure she loves him and is hopeful he will love her in return.

Just when one hopes there is happiness in store for them, everything unravels, they quarrel and part. Time spent apart from Daisy is agony for Felix and then he sees a newspaper article that puts their argument into perspective and goes to her and tries to make it right. Good Girl or Gold Digger was a warm, funny and very sweet romantic read.  How the author tied everything together from the heroine’s name to the sweet happy ending, was spectacular.

Book Description:

Good girl by day...

Businesswoman and chief mechanic Daisy Bell needs cash - and fast - to keep her failing family company alive. But when Daisy meets her mystery investor she knows she is in a dilemma... she can save her business, but risk her heart!

But by night...

Felix Gisbourne thinks Daisy's the hottest thing he's ever seen - in or out of overalls! And it's easy to mix business with pleasure! But Felix can't be sure... Does daisy want him in her bed, or his money in her bank account?

Behind the Book from Kate Hardy’s website:
From Kate’s Blog:
“I loved writing this book. Even more fun was doing the research, which meant dragging children and husband round various working steam museums so we could go on original rides and steam trains. And it’s set in East Anglia, my favorite place in the world...”
On Kate’s blog she posts recipes…’s one the heroine loved…….Daisy's DIY hollandaise with asparagus soldiers

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March Contest - North America Only - 2 Chances to Win Sharon Kendrick's The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress

Riccardo Castellari has never seen Angie as anything other than his mousy secretary—until she flaunts a silky red dress that hangs on her every curve. Now he doesn't just look once, but twice!

Angie is helpless to refuse one night of exquisite pleasure with Riccardo. But back at work her cheeks are burning. Mortified, she tries to resign. Riccardo has other ideas—in order to leave, Angie must serve out her notice as his very personal mistress….

In Sharon's release this Italian finds his PA to be mousy until she shows up in a sexy red dress, hair and make-up.  If you could have a makeover, what would give you the most pleasure?  Share with us in your post.

Contest Rules:  For a chance to win, please check back at the end of the month.  I'll try and contact you however you need to leave your name and email address.  Thanks.

March Contest - INTERNATIONAL ONLY - 2 Chances to Win! - Natalie Anderson's Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress

Two chances to win Natalie Anderson's Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress from The Royal House of Karades series.  You can read my review here on this blog.

Princess Lissa Karedes, renowned posh party girl, has been packed off to Australia to learn the meaning of hard work! But billionaire James Black, her wickedly sexy boss, has different ideas.

He won't be treating her any differently just because she's royal. But he is tempted to break his golden rule and bed his assistant! Lissa is dreadful at business and when she nearly costs him his reputation, he issues her an ultimatum: she's banned from the boardroom, but welcome to take a promotion…to his bedroom!

This story is about a beautiful Princess.  Do you have any favorite Princess books or royal series you can share in your post?

Contest Rules:  Please check back at the end of the month.  I'll try to email you if you're the winner.  In order for me to contact you, please leave your name and email address along with your post.

February Winner & Past Winners who have NOT sent their details

Mysticia, congratulations you've won Jen nie Lucas Bought:  The Greek's Baby.  Please email me your details.

There were five winners of The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle I have emailed 4 of you.  In the subject line identify your blogger name along with the same of the book and send that info to
The five winners were Joye, Kirra, Haleyknit, Callmekayla and Maureen....Haleyknit, you're the only one I haven't heard from.

March 12th:  Those of you who emailed me with your addresses, your books have been mailed.

Soon I'm having surgery and would like to take care of these prizes.  Thanks.  Having these contests even though fun, take time chasing everyone down so if you have a better idea, I'm up for it!

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Dear Author & Smart Bitches Save the Contemporary

WHAT THE ABOUT THE PRIZES - Smart Bitches/Trashy Books and Dear Author Contest:

We’ll pick twenty winners from the comment section here to get a copy of the book.

On Friday, March 5, the grand prize virality part of the contest will close and on March 8th, we will announce the winner of an 8G iPod Touch and a bottle of Stags’ Leap Petit Syrah – a wine featured in the book. The iPod Touch will be provided by Sarah and Jane, and the wine, if shipping alcohol to your location is possible under state or federal law, will be provided by Julie James. Neither Sarah nor Jane are being compensated for hosting this campaign except that we got to read this really awesome book and hope you’ll give it a try.

Spread the word, save the contemporary, and help us celebrate this awesome, awesome book!


BOUGHT: DESTITUTE YET DEFIANT - Sarah Morgan (Self-Made Millionaires)

Enter Silvio Brianza, the handsome Sicilian billionaire who literally comes to the rescue of the lovely Jessie, a woman from his “dark” past. However, this beautiful and talented singer didn’t want to be rescued! Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant” by Sarah Morgan literally had me holding my breath.

Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant was a non-stop read with lots of heated passion and excitement. They had a past but had not seen each other for three years. Jessie blamed Silvio for her brother’s death and now she was in trouble. There were men after her who wanted to hurt and kill her. Since her brother’s death, she had been working three jobs, singing in a seedy nightclub in London and living, well let’s just say barley living. While reading the first chapters and how Jessie and Silvio had once had secret feelings and now he’s come to save and rescue her had me sitting on the edge of my seat. One learns that Silvio and Johnny were friends and Jessie was ten years younger. Ever since she turned around sixteen, they both had feelings for each other but never acted on them. They both grew up on the streets and their childhood; well let’s just say not too many happy memories. Now they are both faced with getting Jessie safe which means Silvio takes her to his penthouse apartment.

Jessie is probably one of the strongest and fabulous heroines I’ve read. She’s strong in that she’s been working to pay off her brother’s drug debts; she’s a real fighter and determined to survive. When Silvio rides to the rescue, he pampers her, buys her designer gowns, pays off her brother’s debts, takes her to Sicily to live on his yacht and makes arrangements for her to sing and launch a career. However, none of that matters, only Silvio in the end matters. She has no self confidence where he or his socialite friends are concerned. Life for her is simple and straight forward and to be loved by only him.

Silvio was a marvelous Italian alpha who could have led a life of crime but chose to work hard and become a success. He was so much of a success he had a yacht, homes and fancy cars all over the world and dated famous models and actresses. However, he never forgot those who were in trouble. In fact one will learn while reading this beautifully written love story, he gives those wanted to leave the crime world a second chance and goes so far as to employ them. And he wants the same for Jessie, wants her to become a successful singer and wants to build up her confidence, so he makes it possible for her to sing at a wedding and she’s an immediate success and offered a career in North America. Will this destroy them with no second chance at love? Trust me, you’ll want this book on your shelf.

As most of us have learned though our experiences in life, clothes, hair and make-up, wealth don’t make the person, it’s what’s underneath, it’s what’s inside us, it’s what drives us to become a better person and Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant brings that home!

Behind the Book posted at I(Heart)Presents

Book Description:

He's scarred, sexy and unashamedly Sicilian…

Silvio Brianza dragged himself out of the slums, but his scars run deep….

She's defiant, desirable and utterly disobedient!

Jessie still scrapes her living, scrubbing floors by day and singing in seedy bars by night…. Silvio had turned his back on that world, but now that he's found Jessie he's going to make her his!

Jessie may be powerless to resist Silvio's raw sexuality but no amount of dresses and diamonds can change their history. He's her enemy, he's shunned his past—he'll never love the street girl she is.

Behind the Book posted at I(Heart)Presents


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