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Daisy Bell had spent ten years of her life building up the family fairground museum and becoming a mechanical engineer against her parents and boyfriend’s objections. And now someone has vandalized it. Past boyfriends and her parents didn’t understand her passion for the museum and now with the mess it was in, she couldn’t go to her family for help. However, her friend Annie put out a call out for help by posting an article in the newspaper about the vandalism.

Felix Gisbourne was a successful businessman and his speciality was to rescue businesses before they went under. When his PA shows him the article in the paper, he’s intrigued and decides to check it out. It’s a perfect opportunity for him to give his mother an excuse so he doesn’t have to attend another of her parties where she’s always trying to fix him up and marry him off.

When Felix sees Daisy’s picture in the newspaper article, he was intrigued. And then when he personally met her, they were both overwhelmed. He invited her to a business dinner and found they had so many things in common, especially they both liked to fix things, she engines and the rides and he businesses. The chemistry between them was magical.

Like the old saying goes opposites attract. The chemistry between them is magical and they can’t seem to fight it any longer and they have a secret affair. Felix accepts Daisy for who she is, a woman with a passion for her work, a woman who absolutely is not girly, who doesn’t wear dresses or make-up and she in turn adores him fror the man he was as well. However, they both have painful secrets, especially Felix which hold them back. However, Daisy is sure she loves him and is hopeful he will love her in return.

Just when one hopes there is happiness in store for them, everything unravels, they quarrel and part. Time spent apart from Daisy is agony for Felix and then he sees a newspaper article that puts their argument into perspective and goes to her and tries to make it right. Good Girl or Gold Digger was a warm, funny and very sweet romantic read.  How the author tied everything together from the heroine’s name to the sweet happy ending, was spectacular.

Book Description:

Good girl by day...

Businesswoman and chief mechanic Daisy Bell needs cash - and fast - to keep her failing family company alive. But when Daisy meets her mystery investor she knows she is in a dilemma... she can save her business, but risk her heart!

But by night...

Felix Gisbourne thinks Daisy's the hottest thing he's ever seen - in or out of overalls! And it's easy to mix business with pleasure! But Felix can't be sure... Does daisy want him in her bed, or his money in her bank account?

Behind the Book from Kate Hardy’s website:
From Kate’s Blog:
“I loved writing this book. Even more fun was doing the research, which meant dragging children and husband round various working steam museums so we could go on original rides and steam trains. And it’s set in East Anglia, my favorite place in the world...”
On Kate’s blog she posts recipes…’s one the heroine loved…….Daisy's DIY hollandaise with asparagus soldiers

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