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HER MEDITERRANEAN PLAYBOY - Melanie Milburne and Kate Hewitt

Review: Mistress at the Italian's Command by Melanie Milburne

Author Melanie Milburne again charms her readers with a very intense and emotional read with Mistress at the Italian’s Command with the dashing Italian Vittorio Vassallo and the lovely Australian girl Ally Benton who fiercely protects her twin sister. From an early age when their mother died because of a suicide, Ally took care of her twin sister. Ally would do anything for her twin Alex, even it it meant trading places in order to protect her and find out exactly what kind of trouble and scandal her sister has caused a prominent Italian family.

Never in a million years does Ally believe her sister stole money, caused a scene and destroyed her lovers brother-in-law’s new and very expensive automobile. When her sister was a teen she had to take medications because she was diagnosed with a mental illness; now she has tried to commit suicide. Ally has always taken care of her twin emotionally and financially and now she’s determined to get to the bottom of things when she’s confronted in Alex’s apartment by Vittorio Vassallo. He accuses her sister of many things and so Ally gives him the impression she’s Alex and agrees to go back with him to Italy where things can be sorted out. She also agrees to pretend to be his mistress because he won’t let her out of his sight. He tells her all sorts of hurtful things about her sister and keep her close. But as fate would have it, as they get to know each other, there’s an immediate and deep attraction between them even though they try to fight it.

Vito is immediately attracted to Ally but fights it because he doesn’t want his brother-in-laws “left overs”. They are constantly disagreeing about what happened yet there’s a definite attraction between them and then when he can no longer stand it, he takes Ally’s virginity and many feelings take place for this strong, virle alpha, she’s like no other woman! And then, he suggests out of the blue that they make a real marriage because out of sense of duty from his family, he doesn’t want his sister to get hurt by her cheating husband’s affairs. She’s under full bed rest because she soon to deliver her first child. It if makes theirs a real marriage, because of the scandal and because he and his brother-in-law look so much alike, the press might believe it was Vito who had the affair with Ally who he believes is Alex.

Then the nightmare begins, because Ally’s lost her heart to Vittorio, she meets her sister’s lover in the flesh and so much more comes out, not just the stolen money and the car incident, but a secret she couldn’t believe, and the reason why her sister fled and tried to take her life. When she realizes what a mess everything has become, Ally flees and goes to finally see her sister who was recovering beautifully in Switzerland.

Twin stories are some of my favorite and this one was so well written with all sorts of twists and turns and the passion between Ally and Vito absolutely lovely to read. In the end, this Italian certainly when learning the truth and realizing how much this selfless woman gave to her sister and him, brought him to his knees, giving the lovely Ally her happy eve rafter as well as his. This two in one romance is an excellent way for readers to sample a new author or a favorite as Ms. Milburne is for me! A fun, fast paced and beautiful romance!

Review: Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress by Kate Hewitt
Kate Hewitt has written a heartwarming love story giving both of her characters love and in the end, a home. Emotions and belonging both Leandro Filametti and Zoe Clark were secretly yearning for and it took them time to sort it all out! A very sweet and beautiful love story set at Lake Como and in Leandro’s run down villa.

Leandro Filametti was a handsome and very determined man; he absolutely didn’t want to make the same mistakes his father made by seeking out cheap tarts who only wanted one thing, money. His father had not only done that and created a scandal for his family he had also gambled away his fortune and caused Leandro, his mother and sister shame and embarrassment. Now Leandro was at the Filametti villa, working and trying to get it ready to sell. He placed an ad in a newspaper seeking a housekeeper, someone who would not know of his families history.

Zoe Clark is a spirted young woman, who is used to not having a home, moving from city to city, job to job, with no sense of belonging. She’s very pretty, sensual and wants to take the job in Italy to get away and enjoy her self for the summer, trying to forget the mistake she recently made by giving herself to a man who used her and called her names, insulting and hurting her in the process.

Now she finds herself with the unfortunate responsibility of trying to get the dilapidated villa in order, cleaning and cooking for the surly Italian who literally accuses her of being as he refers to her “a girl like you” in which he’s implying she’s a tart. Zoe finds herself attracted to him and so does he to Zoe but he fights it every step of the way. A touch here and there, a look, his referring to her morals because it’s always in the back of his mind what his father did to his family. It goes on for weeks, him shutting himself in his study, Zoe cleaning, their swimming together, a few sightseeing trips and then wham! They can’t take it anymore and act on their passion.

They decide they can continue to act on their passion for the next two months until the renovations are done. In a way, life becomes easy, they work during the day and love each other at night. Then Zoe realizes she wants something more, her deepest secret……love, a home, a family. When it’s confirmed that won’t happen, she leaves in the middle of the night and returns back to New York. Will this stubborn Italian realize what he’s lost? As only Kate Hewitt can write, she pulls this short romantic story together in the most fantastic way, giving to her readers, a most charming and sweet happy ending.

Book Description:

Two intense and passionate stories in one special volume by two fabulous Presents authors!

Mistress at the Italian's Command by Melanie Milburne
When a ruthless Italian tycoon appears on Ally Benton's doorstep her instinct is to protect her twin sister. But becoming gorgeous Vittorio Vassallo's mistress is more than she'd bargained for!

Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress by Kate Hewitt

A housekeeping job in a crumbling villa on Lake Como was a fresh start for Zoe Clark. But she hadn't bargained on her dangerously sexy boss—Leandro Filametti. As the blazing Mediterranean sun heats up, Leandro realizes his one desire is to claim Zoe….

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