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WITHOUT MERCY, Set in Jackson’s Home State of Oregon, is Published in Hardcover and Goes On Sale Tuesday, March 30th

Lisa Jackson was crowned “the queen of the modern-day suspense thriller” by The Providence Journal* in their review of her novel Lost Souls, and is well-known for her “gripping”*** plots and the “unexpected twists and turns”**** of her stories. In her sixteen national bestsellers published over the past eight years, Jackson has rained murder upon cities as far afield as Savannah, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and even on the mountains of Montana.

Usually she leaves her own region, the Pacific Northwest, unscathed, having set only three of her bestsellers there: Wicked Game, written with her sister Nancy Bush, Deep Freeze, and her number one New York Times bestseller, Fatal Burn. Now, in her new hardcover novel, WITHOUT MERCY, on sale March 30th, Jackson again unleashes killers close to home, this time in southern Oregon, specifically in the state’s beautiful—and now extremely deadly—Siskiyou Mountains.

The rugged setting is well-suited for Jackson’s fictional Blue Rock Academy, an elite boarding school with a reputation for turning wayward kids around. Far off the beaten path, the secluded, breathtaking campus is a veritable Eden, albeit one with a literally captive audience. That’s precisely what Edie, Jules Farentino’s mother, was looking for when she enrolled Jules’ half-sister, Shaylee Stillman. Drug use, theft and vandalism were already on the seventeenyear-
old’s rap sheet when she decided to rob a convenience store with her boyfriend. Now, Blue Rock is all that stands between her and juvenile detention.

Jules wants to believe the school can help her sister, but she’s not convinced. It seems one of the Academy’s students went missing months ago and has never been found. Some say she died during one of the school’s questionable treatments. The deeper she digs, the more concerned Jules becomes. When Shay manages to sneak a call to Jules, she
begs her for help. She’s frightened and convinced her every move is being watched. She believes there’s a conspiracy afoot and that the missing girl was killed by someone at the school.

Jules, already dogged by nightmares since discovering her father stabbed to death in a home invasion, can’t bear thinking that Shay may be in danger. Stymied in her efforts to
find out more, she manages to obtain a teaching job at the school. Then, just before Jules arrives, a student is found hanged. Shay, hysterical, is certain it’s murder. Staff members do nothing to alleviate Jules’ concerns. They are wary and unwelcoming, except for Cooper Trent, another recent hire and Jules’ former love. He has his own theories and his own secrets.

Suspicions pile upon suspicions, none of them seeming to lead anywhere. Then, as a blizzard completely cuts Blue Rock off from civilization, another teenager is found dead. There is no doubt something deeply sinister is at hand, but what? And are Jules and Trent too late to stop it, or just in time to become the next targets of a bloodthirsty killer?

In WITHOUT MERCY, Lisa Jackson has created yet another emotion-filled, frightening exploration of good vs. evil set in a world where evil often prevails, with protagonists who must come to terms with their own misconceptions and fears if they hope to triumph.


A native of Molalla, Oregon, number one New York Times bestselling novelist Lisa Jackson has set her latest novel, WITHOUT MERCY, among the Siskiyou Mountains in the southern portion of the state. Notably, this is not the first time Jackson has left blood on a mountain range. Prior to the Siskiyou, she anointed Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains and Oregon’s Coast Range.

The author of sixteen bestsellers, Jackson’s novels are now fixtures in bookstores and on national bestseller lists. This outstanding success has brought Jackson something she craved for years. That being the freedom to do what she loves best—sit down, open her mind to possibilities and spin another complex tale of suspense and relationships

Jackson began writing at the urging of her sister, novelist Nancy Bush. Bush, inspired by both the success of authors she admired and the burgeoning market for romance fiction at the time, Bush was convinced they could work together and succeed. They teamed up, determined to write and to be published. They were—just not together. Though their first dual efforts went nowhere, each found success as writers by moving in different directions. It would be twenty-five years before they once again combined their talents, this time to create the national bestseller Wicked Game, published in 2009. It will be followed in 2011 by Wicked Lies.

A member of the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America, Jackson is also the author of Malice, just published as a paperback reprint, the paperback original novels, Left to Die and Chosen to Die, and many others. Her first New York Times bestseller was the paperback original Cold Blooded. Lisa continues to live, love, work and kill in the Pacific Northwest.

“This best-selling and prolific author is a master at mixing a hair-raising thriller with sensual romantic suspense. Her latest whodunit hits all the marks, taking readers on a nail-biting roller-coaster ride. It’s sure to appeal to all lovers of serious mystery, thrillers, and dark romantic suspense.”
—Library Journal

"[A] juicy creep-a-thon from bestseller Jackson... This campy cool
thriller builds to a surprising cliffhanger ending."
—Publishers Weekly

“Jackson takes creepy to a new level with her latest chilling offering. Sisters who are as different as day and night form the core of this lethal mystery, which is enhanced both by the location and
the weather. Leave it to Jackson to give her readers a frightening tale
filled with danger and shocking twists.”
—RT Book Reviews
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For a chance to win a copy of Without Mercy, stop over to Romance Author Buzz, read the Q&A, become a fan on Lisa's Facebooks page and post your information.
Lisa was recently interviewed on a NW television show. Here's the interview.

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