Saturday, March 20, 2010


Author Michelle Reid has written an extremely sizzling and firey romance in Marchese’s Forgotten Bride. To call it a roller coaster and emotional romance doesn’t even touch on it; it’s explosive, passionate with a surprise ending, one I certainly didn’t count on.

The very sexy Italian alpha Alessandrao Marchese known as Sandro Rossi to Cassie appears after six long years of absence in her life, they very man who broke her heart and was the father of her twins. And now, he’s the new boss of her firm. What is a girl to do? Cassie draws on her inner strength when she is forced to meet him at an office party because he is the new owner. She’s beside herself and then the unthinkable thing happens, he acts like they’ve never met and then falls to the floor in a dead faint.

Cassie Janus was still in shock when she realized that the man who told her six years earlier when she tried to tell him she was pregnant with twins and said, “I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you, please don’t ring this number again”…..well he was either faking it or he honestly didn’t remember her. And later that evening after his “swan dive” she realizes it’s true but she doesn’t understand and she also doesn’t understand why he has the same pull on her as he did when they spent two glorious weeks together, before he left her and went back to Italy. Now she finds that he’s very ill so she agrees when they leave the office party early in his car and goes to his apartment to find out if he’s lying or not, that the sexual attraction is still there and they can’t help themselves and they act on it. She’s so ashamed, still thinks he’s lying and flees to her home and children.

Alexandro Marchese is no fool, he’s sure they’ve met before and he’s also sure because of the sensual tension he feels when he looks at her or touches her. He’s also been told by his staff that she is not married and has twins. So he does his homework by contacting the family friend he’s purchased the business from to find out more about her. Being a determined Italian, he’s relentless because he keeps having flashbacks into the past he can’t seem to remember and he’s sure he knew her quite well and that’s she’s keeping something from him. And then in a heated moment he learns from Cassie they had been lovers and that he’s the father of her children. Well, just when one thinks it can’t heat up anymore, it does and it becomes extremely emotion for them all. However, Sandro pulls out all of the stops after he meets his children and in a devious way using the twins, he announces to the family friend and Cassie that they will become a family and that he and Cassie will marry!

All he asks of her is to “take a leap of faith” with him and marry him because it will not only make them a family but will also give them pleasure being together because they are so good together. However, Cassie can’t get past how much her hurt her and because he can’t seem to remember her and their wonderful time together, she’s not sure she can trust him. And then let’s just say, the bottom falls out of everything and a scandal is revealed which potentially can ruin their impending marriage. Michelle Reid did a brilliant job of introducing the “scandal” part into Marchese’s Forgotten Bride and his memory returning making this a beautiful happy ever after ending, giving Sandro and Cassie a second chance!

Book Description:

How can she tell him she’s expecting his twins...?
When Alessandro Marches strides into the headquarters of his latest acquisition, one person is particularly struck by his awesome presence... The tingling of Cassie’s skin let’s her know her new boss is the who left her – pregnant with twins! And now it seems he’s forgotten her altogether!

But the formidable Italian is more affected by Cassie Janus than he lets on. The darkness of his memory is lifting. Now Alessandro needs just one more thing to complete the picture – Cassie, with his wedding ring on her finger...


lidia said...

I loved this book! Just wondering which part of the book you referring to when you said it has a surprise ending that you didn't count on.

Michelle's books are fabulous! She is one of the few remaining auto-buy authors on "my list."

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Lidia, the scandal on Facebook referring to the dearth of you know who! Don't want to spoil it for others.

The office party, wasn't that great when he passed out? Think about all of the gossip over that one!

lidia said...

Marilyn, this is definitely a "keeper."


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