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Chloe had been Lorenzo Valente’s personal PA until they began dating and then lovers and months later when it should have been their wedding night, his bride walked out of his life shortly after their wedding reception. Why one might ask? Because she told him she loved him, he rejected her declaration and told her under no circumstance would he ever love her. However, he would be a good husband, father and provider.

They were complete opposites, Lorenzo from nobility and she just a plain and curvy young English woman who had run away from her groom and moved in with her best friend and her baby. However, what Chloe didn't know until she arrived back in England was that her dear friend was terminally ill and wanted Chloe to raise her baby Emma when she passed. And then on top of loosing her friend, who should show up on her doorstep but her husband demanding she return to their marriage so he takes her to a lovely English country estate, the very one he had purchased for her as a wedding gift.

As one read more of their story you learned that Chloe had no father and that her mother and sister moved to Australia. As for Lorenzo, his mother adbandoned him as a child and his father went through many wives. Both of them came from loveless homes. However it seemed to me Chloe understood her past better than Lorenzo.

Lorenzo had originally wanted a wife to provide him with an heir and he had no faith in marriages based on emotion. He had wanted a stable, non-materialistic wife who would stand by commitment and motherhood and not abandoned her child. He believed most marriages fell apart and Chloe believed happy marriages existed but how could she prove it to him?

The Blackmailed Baby by Natalie Rivers was an excellent read, especially the last chapters when one learned Lorenzo felt emotions for his wife and also for baby Emma. The entire time he was trying to make Chloe happy and didn’t realize it was his love for her driving him on, plus his love for the baby. It was a very emotional read, but a wonderful one. Their journey to happiness was one roller coaster romance!

Book Description:

Once Lorenzo Valente sets his sights on something—or someone—he will not be deterred! His estranged wife, Chloe, might profess to hate him now, yet only weeks earlier she was claiming adoration…proving Lorenzo's belief that love is fickle.

But now the stakes have gotten higher…. Chloe has become guardian to her friend's baby and wants a fresh start—plus a marriage annulment. Seeing Chloe as a mother, Lorenzo is more determined than ever to keep her…and claim the wedding night from which she fled!

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