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I wasn’t prepared for A Wedding at Leopard Tree Lodge because I was expecting the storyline to revolve around the celebrities who were getting married at the African high end destination. However, they were the secondary characters. The two main characters were the owner of the Lodge, Gideon McGrath and the event planner Josie Fowler who was sent at the last minute to oversee the event. Josie stole my heart with her purple streaked hair and her wild outfits. As for Gideon, not too much to say about him, he was just plain sexy and gorgeous. Their journey was so tender, so very romantic as this couple was destined to be together.

Josie Fowler was rescued by her new business partner Sylvie and that was a story which was revealed later in the book. She ha been given the opportunity to oversee the event of the year which if she pulled it off, would put her at the top of her field. She was to oversee the wedding of two celebrities, one being a famous football player and the bride a beautiful blond in a very remote African setting. Their wedding would be featured in Celebrity magazine. There were all sorts of challenges because of the lodges remoteness. Communication was very limited and on her very first day she found out that the bridal suite was occupied by a very charismatic man who was actually the owner of the lodge. He was recouping in the room below hers due to a bad back. Or should I say tree house, because each of the rooms were actually built in a “tree house fashion.

From the moment they met one could actually feel the sparks fly. Both Josie and Gideon liked to be in control of all situations. At times is was a real challenge to their friendship. However, it was very obvious they were both intrigued. Even though Gideon's back problem was stress related, Josie needed him gone because the bride and groom were to arrive soon and his room was planned to be the bridal suite.

Gideon came from a travel background and traveled the world to find new eco-friendly destinations. Leopard Tree Lodge was his first property and he hadn’t been back in years. In fact, he was honestly thinking of selling it. And now he finds himself stuck at the lodge and in serious pain. Then Josie Fowler storms into his life which actually made his life more enjoyable. He’s intrigued by this interesting woman, he actually likes her and wanted to do everything in his power to help her with her wedding event. In fact, he helped her too much at times and she didn't like the feeling of not being in control. Josie was so attracted to Gideon, she looked for him everywhere but she was also so driven to succeed because if she could pull this event off, especially with all of the media coverage, she would be at the top of her field and in demand. Josie also had a secret past and she felt indebted to her business partner Sylvie to make this wedding a success.

There were all sorts of challenges Josie faced. First and foremost was the place where the event took place was so primitive, no cell phone service, the only way in was by small aircraft, the chef didn’t work on Sundays, a riverboat would be used for the overflow of guests and then the maid of honor and best man break up and are each bringing new partners which increased the guest list. However, at the top of Josie’s list was Gideon and getting him out of the bridal suite. And then there was Gideon who was used to issuing commands and moved Josie into his suite to make room for the bride and groom. Talk about stressful and then add to the mix when they share with each other their pasts….get the Kleenex out, you’ll need it!

Gideon and Josie’s story was amazing to read. Their attraction was immediate, they were so opposite from each other yet so meant to be together. When they each revealed their pasts and hurtful revelations you’ll be overwhelmed yet you’ll be cheering for them because they both sincerely cared for each other, they both really listened to each other,they helped each other and they loved each other. Liz Fielding did an amazing job making this such a romantic and sweet love story set in exotic Africa and one I shall long remember.

Book Description:

Events planner Josie Fowler has scooped the wildest celebrity wedding of the year in a luxury lodge hotel in Botswana! She's surrounded by prowling leopards and crocodile-filled rivers, but more dangerous to her sanity is the resort owner—enigmatic entrepreneur Gideon McGrath.

As Josie wrestles with taffeta and table plans, Gideon's take-charge approach is getting in her way—and his sexy smile is getting under her skin….

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