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BACHELOR’S BOUGHT BRIDE – Jennifer Lewis (King’s of the Boardroom)

Bree Kincannon had always been sceptical of men because it only meant one thing, they were after her inheritance. She had been involved with a couple of men but most people found her dull and plain. So on the evening of a benefit she was attending with her father, she was blown away because a handsome advertising account executive paid attention to her, more than attention, he spent the evening with her dancing and getting to know her. Now three weeks later after dating and spending time with each other, Gavin Spencer takes it to the next level, they make love and then out of the blue, he proposes and sets up a wedding with only the two of them a few days later.

Gavin Spencer as a young man went against his military father and went in a career direction that he wanted, advertising. He was good at it and worked at one of the top firms. However, his goal and dream were to have his own firm, run his business his own way and when he was approached by a man who offered him one million dollars to court and marry his daughter, he agreed. What he didn’t count on is that this sweet woman would worm her way into his life and in a few short weeks he would enjoy her, make her his life partner and look forward to it, plus their passion was a bonus. He genuinely liked her, enjoyed being with her.

A few days after their wedding everything explodes for Bree as she hears her father’s voicemail to her new husband and learns of their deceit. However, she’s determined to get through it somehow, maybe make him fall in love with her? But for Gavin, being married gives him a “foundation”. However, he felt guilty for taking her father’s money but that was the only way he could start up his own business.

Bree was an excellent photographer and had won awards and had the opportunity to photograph a well known actor and her photos were good. Now her husband wanted her to photograph a new client of his, a well respected jeweler and she wanted the opportunity but she also wanted revenge.

So I wondered how the author would play out the revenge. Poor Bree considered herself a fool for loving Gavin. I knew Bree meant more to Gavin than the money, because in the end, the tables were turned and he actually loved and respected Bree! Could they find their way back? It would take this strong and proud alpha male to pull it off and he did it in ways one won’t believe. Because at the end of the day, Gavin truly loved Bree!

While reading this wonderful love story, I kept thinking of love at first sight and my own courtship and marriage. Can it happen? You bet, it did for me. So I could only hope while reading Bachelor’s Bought Bride that Bree and Gavin would get their happy ending as well. Of course they did and it was a beautiful ending thanks to Jennifer Lewis.

The very strong message from the author was where ever your love was it felt like home! Childhood memories didn’t mean a thing, because after meeting Gavin it was all about him, to be with him, to share everything. Could this really be real? In the end, it was about love, believing in your partner, forgiveness and understanding which made for an amazing romance.

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Behind the Book

Bachelor’s Bought Bride is part of the Kings of the Boardroom miniseries, set in and around a boutique advertising agency in San Francisco. Gavin is a successful advertising executive, but has long dreamed of opening his own agency. When he approaches renowned investor Elliott Kincannon for money to fund his start up, the older man comes back with a bizarre yet intriguing proposition.

Life hasn’t been easy for Bree Kincannon, despite the millions she inherited on her mother’s death. Her father is cold and demanding, and thinks little of her dreams and achievements. He’d have preferred an empty-headed social butterfly, not a retiring photographer. She’d love to get married and have children, but dealing with money-hungry sharks, more interested in her fortune than in her, has soured her on men. Then Gavin comes along...

Book Description:

Quietly attractive, sweet natured…and filthy rich, Bree Kincannon was just the bride ad exec Gavin Spencer had been looking for. And Bree's father had secretly offered him a cool million to take her off his hands. With the chance to start his own agency, it took the bachelor no time to turn the heiress into his loving wife.

Yet it didn't take Bree long to discover the real reason behind Gavin's whirlwind courtship. And the bedroom door was slammed in his face…. Too late, he realized his feelings were very real. But could he convince his bought bride that his motives for marriage had changed?

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