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Chasing Perfect - Susan Mallery (Book 1, Fools Gold Series)

Chasing Perfect by New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery was a charming and spectacular read about a small town named Fools Gold, California, a town that had more women then men, a town with people who cared about and helped each other. A town determined not to go under and to succeed because the town needed to band together under the guidance of their major, city planner, and the town hero to make sure they could bring new businesses into their community and along with that…… men!

After reading a few chapters I was immediately drawn into the story due to very strong main and secondary characters. As with all of Mallery’s books, Chasing Perfect was no different because the main theme was about family, friendships, love and home. I also found this particular story had secrets, twists, turns, and even some suspense. Chasing Perfect did not disappoint me, it made me not want the story to end nor have to wait for the next books in the upcoming series.

Charity Jones, the heroine of the book was a strong and sweet woman and was brought to Fools Gold by the mayor and hired as the city planner. From the very beginning one had the feeling there was going to be something going on between Charity and the mayor. They developed a very close working relationship and friendship, Charity was determined to prove herself to the town and especially to the wonderful woman who hired her.

However, the town hero and bad boy Josh Golden was amazing. Josh was a retired professional bike racer and someone the town adored. When his mother abandoned him at a very young age, the town took him in and made sure he was OK. A home and family was found for Josh, a family who loved and nurtured him with the town looking on.. Fools Gold adored Josh and what his fame brought to their town.

Chasing Perfect was a brilliant first book in the series. It could also be considered a stand alone book. However, after perusing the author’s website, reading about the town of Fools Gold, the next two books in the series (names)I can’t imagine why anyone would not want to collect the entire Fools Gold collection.

For me, this author never fails to deliver a lively and entertaining read and I can always count on the story being a sensual one but most importantly one about family and the sense of belonging. Chasing Perfect was no different, it made me feel warm and fuzzy all over!

Book Description:

Welcome to Fool's Gold, California, a charming community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. There's lots to do and plenty of people to meet, especially women. Because there's just one tiny problem in Fool's Gold: the men don't seem to stick around. Maybe it's the lure of big-city life, or maybe it's plain old bad luck, but regardless of the reason, the problem has to be fixed, fast. And Charity Jones may be just the city planner to do it.

Charity's nomadic childhood has left her itching to settle down, and she immediately falls in love with all the storybook town has to offer—everything, that is, except its sexiest and most famous resident, former world-class cyclist Josh Golden. With her long list of romantic disasters, she's not about to take a chance on another bad boy, even if everyone else thinks he's perfect just the way he is. But maybe that's just what he needs—someone who knows the value of his flaws. Someone who knows that he's just chasing perfect.

This past week Chasing Perfect was #11 on the NYTimes Best Selling List Author’s website
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