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Claimed by the Sicilian - Kate Walker

Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride

Again, Kate Walker has written a spellbinding story, one that took this reader on such an emotional journey.

Like so many of us who have attended formal wedding's and heard the clergy say "if anyone knows just cause why these two should not be joined.......", this is exactly how this story begins and I believe where Ms. Walker got her particular idea for this story. Just think about it for a minute, how would you react if someone spoke out? Well, our handsome, sexy alpha Guido does just that and then some, taking everyone present at the wedding by surprise.

When Amber met Guido in Las Vegas, there was an immediate attraction, strong emotions, and longing. So when Guido realized he had to have her, there was only one choice and that was to ask her to marry him. Amber's feelings for him were so strong that she immediately said yes and wanted to marry immediately; they did! However, their relationship was based on one of misunderstanding, lack of communication and secrets. When Amber realized she married him and did not know him she ran and with a man she later promised to marry. At this wedding, the story begins.

Guido arrives at the wedding just in time and forces Amber to leave her wedding, confront the groom, admit she is married to Guido and leaves for Sicily and his home. It is there, she finds out his secret.......he's wealthy, they are married and will remain so and he has not been honest with her. It is here, they both examine themselves, their past, and present and where Amber realizes that she has loved him always, is vulnerable to him and loves him with desperation. And Guido? He believes Amber had never been strong enough to believe in him. He also realizes that he is the only person that has ever stood by her.

I actually felt like I was caught in the eye of a storm. While reading Guido and Amber's story I was on edge, anticipating at every turn, the outcome, wishing and wanting them to resolve their differences and find love again.

The Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride is the first book in the duo Corsentino's brother's series, with Vito's story being next (The Sicilians Red-Hot Revenge) . These Sicilian men are strong, hard working and love intensely. I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this first book and I am looking forward to next

The Sicilian-s Red-Hot Revenge

This was Kate's 50th book and oh what a book. It was released in June 2007 by Mills and Boon. It was a very powerful and passionate love story with another of Kate's "hot" Italian men and this time it's Vito! Vito is to die for in looks, in spirit and so very passionate. And when he's angry, well just watch out!

As you learned in Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride, Guido has a brother Vito and they are in business together. For years they worked non-stop and promised each other on their 30th birthday they would take a year off and this is Vito's year. As he comes from a shipbuilding family, his passion is carving; so he rents a flat near the shore in England. In this same book, you also learn that at a wedding a woman faints and of course this is one introduction in meeting Emily.

On one very particular day Vito is out walking and sees a beautiful Englishwoman on the beach and is immediately captivated by her until he realizes she is in danger of drowning in the ocean and he comes to her rescue. Their attraction is immediate and Vito insists that Emily accompany him back to his flat to get warmed up and out of her wet clothes. After a short kiss on the beach, Emily realizes she is in trouble, but in the end goes home with Vito.

Of course, any hot blooded Italian who is so desperately attracted to a woman like Emily...not just her simple beauty but her spirit and the passion he sees in her eyes can't control himself. Once they come together all is lost for them both. However, the tables are turned when Vito retrieves Emily's personal belongings and answers her cell. There he finds out that she is married and angry doesn't even describe his emotions. Emily flees back home and Vito returns to Italy. One evening while dining with his brother and sister in-law he learns that at the wedding his brother broke up there was a woman who fainted and her name was Emily Lawton. Vito is shocked and reacts quickly, flying to England and to Emily.

Vito and Emily's reuniting was very painful for me to read. It so depicts how miscommunication or lack of it can destroy a relationship. Honesty finally prevails, a lesson we can all learn and their passion, longing and yearning will take your breath away.

The Sicilian’s Wife

This was Cesare Santorino’s story. He was the half brother to Gio and had always loved his business partner’s daughter, the very beautiful Megan Ellis. However, he was eight years older than Megan and had made her father a promise not to do anything until after she’d graduated from college. Now, she’s returned from university and has a secret, one that could possibility change eveyone’s life forever……she’s pregnant with another man’s child, or so it seems.
On top of everything else, Megan’s father is almost in financial ruin and will not accept a hand out from Cesare. However, if Megan were to marry, that would be different so unannounced Cesare arrives at her home after waiting patiently for Megan to return and without explaining his feelings for her, he proposes letting her believe that his reasons are he’s always wanted her in his bed. However, when the bomb drops that she thinks she’s pregnant, he takes things a step further and gets her to see reason and sets immediate wedding plans in motion.

Megan has always loved Cesare, in fact the man she slept with was a dead ringer for Cesare. She goes through with the wedding because her future husband says he’ll help her father and also be a father to her baby. Whether the stress of the wedding or everything that led up to it, she believes she is miscarrying on their wedding night only to find out the next day that her pregnancy was a “hystercial” or false one, that she was never pregnant at all.

Talk about communication problems. Cesare being the stubborn Italian man that he was, only communicates with Megan while making love. He never really shares his feelings nor his promise to her father. As for Megan, she confides in his brother Gio. Talk about frustrating to read at times, one just wanted to shake them both. It was obvious that emotions rang strong, that they sincerely loved each other but they couldn’t seem to get the words out. To make matters worse, when each confronted they short words back in anger and in their frustration almost lost happiness.

The Sicilian Wife was an amazing sensual journey as only Kate Walker can pen, giving this very sensual couple a second chance in finding love. I would personally like to say, thank you to Kate Walker for the wonderful hours of reading you have personally provided this reader and please keep those books coming

Full book description

Three proud, fiery Sicilian men who won-t be denied!

Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride Kate Walker Dark, proud and sinfully gorgeous, Guido is determined to reclaim his wife! Amber looks untouchable, but Guido knows the passionate woman inside. One kiss and he-s certain she-ll give him whatever he demands!

The Sicilian-s Red-Hot Revenge Kate Walker Emily and Vito shared one night of passionate lovemaking. Then, in the cold light of day, her secret tore them apart. Now Vito has come back - and he-s determined to have his revenge!

The Sicilian-s Wife Kate Walker Cesare fell for Meg from the moment they met. He has waited for her to become an adult, but now Meg tells him she is pregnant by another man. Will Cesare still make her his bride? –

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