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GREEK TYCOON, WAYWARD WIFE – Sabrina Philips (Self-Made Millionaires)

Sabrina Philips yet again has written a roller coaster romance with Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife. A young love and marriage of an English beauty and a proud and determined Greek, a marriage gone wrong. And now five years latter, Libby Ashworth is back in Rion Delikaris life to ask him for a divorce.

When I said “roller coaster romance” I meant it. One immediately gets the impression that Rion is a determined alpha, one who grew up poor and worked most of his adult life to become a successful millionaire. He worked to hard to provide for his bride, worked long and hard hours in order to get them out of their slum apartment. His determination was not only based on his love for her, it was because she came from a well to do family and he wanted to be an excellent provider. However, like all new marriages, there was no communication and being Greek, he didn’t want his wife to work, so she was left alone in a foreign land. It was too much for her and in the end, she fled and went back to England but not her family home because when Libby married Rion, her father disowned her.

Now five years later, Libby arrives at her husbands work place asking for a divorce. It’s evident she still desires him and it’s mutual. However, Rion has an agenda and he somewhat blackmails her into returning to his home Metameikos as his wife because he is running for a political office. It was obvious they both still had feelings for each other, felt the passion simmering between them. However, there were so many hurts for them both to heal, so many misunderstandings, lack of communication and assumptions.

While on Metameikos, Libby learned a lot about her husband. Surprising things surfaced and as secrets were revealed she had a new understanding as to how he grew up, why winning the election was so imporant to him but she also realized she loved him still but would he ever return that love? One just wanted to shake them both because at every turn, they assumed things about each other and they never tried to get everything out in the open. Would they get their second chance, or would Libby walk away again? There was a lot to take in with this particular love story and Sabrina Philips did a brilliant job with the passion, conflict and giving Libby and Rion their second chance.

On a personal note, I’m going to miss author Sabrina Philips as I’ve loved everything she’s written for Mills and Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents. From her very first debut to this her last book, I’ve taken the journey with this author. Thanks Sabrina, for all of the hours of reading enjoyment and I wish you the very best and hope to come back to us someday.

Behind the Book:

Book Description:

The two-week marriage bargain...

Trembling with trepidation, Libby Delikaris braves the lion's den to ask her Greek husband for a divorce. But he's more merciless than Libby remembers and she suddenly finds her plan has crumbled.

The infamous Rion Delikaris knew Libby would return before long. He's been patiently waiting. No longer the boy from the slums, he's ready to show his wife what she's been missing!

Rion's offer: a two-week reconciliation... and he'll make sure she honours all her wedding vows!


lidia said...


What is happening with Sabrina? She wouldn't be writing any more HPs? I liked this book a lot. I ordered it from Book Depository before the NA edition.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...


The above link explains everything.

lidia said...

What a shame. It seems that she needs to keep her day job and is overwhelmed.

Hope things change for her in the future.


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