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THE SHY BRIDE - Lucy Monroe

The Shy Bride by Lucy Monroe was a beautifully crafted contemporary romance, the first in a two book series. The reader was introduced not just to one but two amazing Greek billionaires.

Neo Stamos and Zephyr Nikos became friends in a Greek orphanage, ran away together at age fourteen to work on a ship and in their early twenty's went into business together and became multi-billionaires. What was more important was they were brother’s of the heart, and fiercely loyal to each other. When Neo’s GP told him to slow down, Zephyr at a charity Seattle auction, bought his friend piano lessons for a year from the very talented Cassandra Baker but Neo being the workaholic he was tried to get out of them. However, a bet was the deal breaker so Neo went to his first lesson at the pianist home, the very same artist he listened to in his penthouse most nights. Before Neo began his first piano lesson, he had his staff research Cass and they found out Cass had agoraphobic tendencies. He was amazed after a few lessons how much he enjoyed her, so much so, they actually became friends.

Cassandra Elliott had lived her entire life for her parents and her music. At age three it was discovered she had an incredible musical talent playing the piano. Because she was so very talented, she was forced by her parents to perform at concerts all over the world. She lived for her ailing mother, and when she died, she let her father and her manager rule her life and manage her career. They both insisted she was to continue the concert circuit. A life that eventually debilitated her. After her father died, she had no one, no friends, never dated and on top of that at age twenty-nine, she was a virgin and an agoraphobic.

Cass and Neo’s relationship changed when the press found out about Neo’s lessons. There was almost a breach in her home security when the press stormed and pounded on her doors and windows. Because he actually liked her as a friend, he took matters into his own hands and paid for a security home renovation. At first Cass objected but then she agreed because she actually trusted Neo and also she also felt attraction for him. After a few kisses everything changed especially when she staid at his penthouse while her security system was being installed. They shared so much in such a short time and then it happened, their relationship went from friendship to the next level……they became lovers.

While I loved Cass and could sympathize how selfish her family and concert manager were, plus her being agoraphobic I wondered while reading the last few chapters could she find happiness with this proud, sexy and accomplished billionaire? Would yet her heart be once again broken?

“For the first time in years, Cass felt like she was living not existing through her music.” Can you even imagine that? This wonderful Greek man was so patient with her, tried to make so many things special for her. So just when you think they had a chance, Cass overhears Neo and Zee talking about their relationship and everything falls apart for her. Or did it?

Did Neo love her? How could he recognize love when his very own parents abandoned him as a child? The only bond and trusting feelings he had were for his friend Zee. However, he also realized if he didn’t have Cass in his life it wouldn’t be worth living so in the end, of course Neo loved Cass. Neo had denied what others took for granted, love and family.

The Shy Bride was a sweet and warm romance and I loved how author Lucy Monroe tied the story into Cass’s agoraphobic condition. This author does that from time to time, and she addresses medical or personal issues that affect people and does it brilliantly. Be on the Lookout for Zephyr’s story titled The Greeks’s Pregnant Lover.

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Book Description:

Untouched — and bought for $100,000!

Thrust into the limelight, child star Cassandra timidly enchanted audiences night after night...But when her parents died, Cass retreated into her own world — too shy to leave her home. Once a year she shares her musical passion by offering lessons in a charity auction... This year, money talks...the winning bid: $100,000!

Enter: Neo Stamos, arrogant Greek tycoon. He wants Cass with a burning desire, though he knows that, shy and sweet, she will need a gentle awakening... But Neo’s the master of seduction!

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