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TAMED: THE BARBARIAN KING (Book 2, Dark Hearted Desert Men) – Jennie Lucas

Jennie Lucas has written a real winner with her first venture into the sheikh genre with Tamed: The Barbarian King. It was such an emotional read of two strong characters who once were deeply in love and experienced a tragic ending with no hope for a second chance, or was there?

In Book 1 Banished Sheikh, Untouched Queen we learned that the future king was not the natural heir but the missing son the king from Calista. In the end he abdicated and went to live with his new wife, the Queen. So now the throne of Qusay needs a king and it falls to the oldest son of the deceased King’s brother, a nephew Kareef Al’Ramiz, a fierce warrior of the desert, a man of honor, a man who lost the love of his life 13 years ago when they fell in love, lost a child and there was a scandal which ruined her family and she was exiled to the United States.

Now years later Jasmine Kouri has returned to her homeland engaged to a respected man of high society in Qusay and is soon to be wed and her family have forgiven her past mistakes because she is now marrying this well respected man, a man who for the most part controls her life. This very same man is also making her a ready made mother to his four children, giving her her hearts desire because when she lost her baby years ago she was told she would never bare children.

As fate sometimes intervenes, Jasmine and her past lover the future King of Qusay are thrown together at her engagement party. Her fiance is called away on an emergency and asks that the future King Kareef take care of Jasmine, under his protection. As you can well imagine, it’s very difficult for them both in more ways than one because they are still so very attracted to each other and Kareef is determined to have Jasmine in his bed so he makes the decision to take her to his desert home, a home he had once promised her. So many things happen……..a car accident, a sand storm and their own full fledged storm, a romantic one that will literally take your breath away because they can’t forget the past, a past that ties them together in more ways than you can imagine. A past of loving memories and horrible ones because of the loss of their child and the scandal their relationship caused their country and families.

Towards the end of this very emotional love story, at times I had to put it down because I could feel their pain and their love and the possibility of a not so happy ending. The way author Jennie Lucas tied this story together was magnificent which also earned Tamed: The Barbarian King a spot on the USA Today Best Selling List and it’s no wonder because it was such an emotional roller coaster with them getting their second chance plus leaving the throne of Qusay yet again without a King.

Book Description:

He's as wild as the desert, a barbarian prince, a revered leader. Long ago he loved a girl, but the power of their feelings almost destroyed them both. Now that woman, the only one he could ever love, is forbidden to him!

Betrothed to another, unable to bear him sons, she is unfit to be his queen…. But she can stop the storm that has raged in his heart since he last made her his.

His choice—take her as his mistress, or become the king he was born to be….

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