Monday, June 28, 2010

Innocent in the Italian's Possession – Janette Kenny

I didn’t see it coming, the sadness I would feel for both the hero Stefano and the heroine Gemmna in Janette Kenny’s Innocent In the Italian’s Possession. Betrayal, secrets, loss of family plus sensual tension that literally leaps and sizzles off of the pages of this amazing romance.

Gemma Cardone was a most dedicated personal assistant to Cesare Marinetti. Her boss had lost so much……the death of his wife and his oldest son and years without his younger son Stefano. Add to his the fact he found out he had a love child who was seriously ill in Milan. Plus the fact his business was failing and he had suffered a heart attack. Through out it all. Gemma was devoted to her boss. And now she was forced to work for Stefano Marinetti a well known Italian billionaire and playboy while her boss was in the hospital. Could she keep the secrets from him as she promised Cesare?

Stefano didn’t want to be at Marinetti Shipping, but family was family and he owed the revenge he promised his mother against his father’s PA Gemma because they both believed Gemma to be his father’s mistress. What he didn’t count on was how much he would be immediately attracted to her and want her for himself. Every step of the way Gemma tempts him, stirs him but he’s determined to find out what secrets she’s keeping from him. He’s demanding, he’s arrogant and he’s determined so much so that he demands she work for both his father’s company and his as well.

Gemma shouldered so many responsibilities…..her grandmother and the family Inn, her brother, Rachel who was Casare’s young daughter and on top of that, keeping her promise to her boss about the state of things. Add to that the attraction she felt towards Stefano and the churning emotions she experienced daily. Always doing for others and I began to wonder when would she get her turn at happiness? Could that happiness be in the form of Stefano Marinetti?

Talk about passion exploding off the pages of this roller coaster romance from the beginning to the end. I began to wonder when some of the secrets would be revealed so this couple could have a chance at happiness. However, even though this arrogant Italian found Gemma irresistible and finally bedded her, he was so dense I wanted to shake him. It was brilliant how author Janette Kenny put up road blocks every step of the way in Innocent in the Italian’s Possession. She made this romance extremely entertaining and also a very emotional read.

Book Description:

When Gemma Cardone's boss is hospitalized and Stefano Marinetti, his estranged son, takes over the family shipyard, she is caught between duty and desire….

Her duty—Gemma's friendship with Stefano's father was steeped in secrecy. But Stefano suspects that she was his father's lover. Gemma can never tell the real truth—it would tear Stefano's family apart.

His desire—Gemma has never met a man as determined or intense as Stefano. In his presence, she melts. Though she knows he despises her, between his sheets it's a different story….

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