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Remember your first crush? Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress by the very talented Natalie Anderson is about a teen age crush and second chances and Natalie’s love story absolutely dazzled this reader.

From a very young age Amanda Winchester noticed Jared James dark and handsome good looks. He intrigued her so much and of course she had a teenage crush and wanted him in every sense of the word. However, not only did he reject her, he took her back to her home and to her grandfather Colin. Because of her actions and because he thought it would be best for his granddaughter, Colin sent her to boarding school, Jared left town and she never saw him again.

Jared James, talk about a success story. During his youth he grew up with a father who was a drunk and a mother who abandoned him. Due to determination, a scholarship and hard work, he finished school, made some wise investments, bought the company he wanted and became a billionaire. And now he’s on his way home but his plane has been detained. The delay, of course was due to a beautiful and spoilt woman from his past, a woman he hasn’t seen for nine years…..of course you guessed it, Amanda Winchester.

Natalie Anderson’s setting for the reunion scene for these two was brilliant. First she had them sitting next to each other on the plane where Amanda was about to pitch an advertising idea to juice manufacture and then the next day at the meeting, she’s shocked when she sees Jared in the conference room. First she believed him to be one of the employees, but to her distress she found out he owned the firm. Her pitch was excellent and Jared decided due to the sparks they both felt earlier on the plane and now in the boardroom, he would award the contract to her firm. However, there was one condition and that was Amanda would work directly for him on the project. Let the games begin!

Amanda and Jared’s story was very moving not because they shared a past, it was how they dealt with the present. He wanted her sexually but was determined not to care about her. And when he took her in his office, everything changed for them both. For Amanda at that moment she knew no one would ever replace him and for Jared he wanted more of her and wasn’t ready to let her go.

Then things became complicated between them as they took their relationship further but in the back of his mind he wondered if Amanda was like every woman who only wanted him for his looks. He didn’t want a relationship, nor commitment but Amanda was in his blood. Then she told him she had to leave for business reasons because she didn’t want to tell him the truth. However, like all secrets, Jared learned the truth about her grandfather, the very man he respected and cared about and how her grandfather had health problems and they both had financial problems.

And then the painful offer came when he wanted to move her closer to him but NOT in with him. Did she want to be his mistress? Heavens no, it would be too painful for her as she loved him. Not because he moved her grandfather out of the nursing home and closer to her where she could visit, she realized she had always loved him all those years ago and now even more. Leaving him was painful and it made Jared furious because he couldn’t understand that she actually loved him. It took seeing her months later and a screaming match for everything to come out making Jared finally realize Amanda loved him, sincerely loved him for who he was not for what he could give her. Amanda and Jared’s story was a fabulous one and a wonderful “second chance” story with a very happy ending thanks to Natalie Anderson.

Natalie talks about the book and “first crushes”

Book Description:

Pampered princess Amanda Winchester is like an itch that Jared James can't scratch. But the tables have now turned—Jared is successful, Amanda has nothing and he is her new boss. It's payback time—and bedding the delectable Amanda will be his reward!

Amanda hates the fact that bad boy Jared has the upper hand, even if succumbing to his sensual demands will be sweet torture! But when Jared realizes he's taken her virginity, everything changes. Not content with one night, Jared is determined to have Amanda— again and again!

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