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Wanted! Vicki Lewis Thompson (Sons of Chance, Book 1)

“It takes a real woman……to take a Chance”

Wanted! by author Vicki Lewis Thompson, the first book in her Sons of Chance series was an absolute joy to read as it had all of the sensual components which make a sexy and steamy romance! It was one of those books that definitely hooked me with it’s charm. Not to mention the secondary characters and the members of the Chance family.

Nick Chance and Dominique Jeffries met quite by accident out in the pastures of the Chance Ranch. Nick even though his profession was a veterinarian was out on Chance’s acreage digging fence posts for his big brother Jack who was running their family ranch. He wasn’t happy about it but was trying to help his brother’s bad moods due to the recent death of their father. However, Dominique’s reasons for being on the same acreage were entirely different. You see, Dominique was a professional photographer from the mid-West and was trying to get over being dumped by her boyfriend. She thought there would be no better way than to seduce a cowboy and so when she and her camera came upon the very hot, sweaty and well built Nick, she took advantage of the photo opportunity and Nick obliged her by posing for the shots.

All I can say is in the ensuing chapters of their “nameless” time spent flirting and getting to know each other in the “most personal way” was amazing. When Dominique revealed that she had been recently dumped and jilted, and really flirted with Nick sending him a very definite message, Nick obliged her by making love not caring that they didn’t know each other’s names. And then, he found out that she was staying at their Wyoming ranch because the local B&B was full. For them both, it was the most amazing sexual encounter either of them had ever experienced but what neither of them contemplated was how complicated their relationship would become, because trust me, it did!

Nick was determined to take advantage of the five days they would have together and Dominique tried not to become involved with Nick because there was no way she would NOT return home because she had a photography studio to run. She didn’t want to depend on another man. Then, add to the situation a horrible secret which was revealed to Nick when he went through his father's trunk in his father’s office. Everything changed for Nick, his family, those close to him and threatened his relationship with Dominique. Did they stand a chance because Nick definitely wanted her to stay in Wyoming?

Wanted! was a remarkable love story with a beautiful ending, one love story I will long remember thanks to author Vicki Lewis Thompson and her creativity.

Book Description:

Photographer Dominique Jeffries has come to Wyoming to find herself—her creative self, her sexual self. After escaping the engagement from hell, she's dying to break loose and live a little. And seducing a shirtless, sweaty cowhand looks like just the place to start….

Nick Chance isn't exactly a cowhand but, hey, he'll be whatever the lady wants! Only he soon realizes that this is more than just a quick roll in the hay. There's something about Dominique that calls to him, something about her that completes him.

There's only one problem. Dominique wants a fling, not another relationship.

Little does she guess how easily she'll be persuaded to take a Chance—again and again and again!

Behind the Book ( Harlequin Dear Reader)

I'm baaaack! As some of you may know, I've been off creating books Other Than Blaze for the past several years, but along came an offer I couldn't resist—the opportunity to write about my beloved cowboys. I love sexy cowboy stories! Add in gorgeous Western scenery as found in the Jackson Hole region of Wyoming, and I'm in writer heaven.

Welcome to the Sons of Chance series, where the men are hot and the women are happy! Travel with me down a winding dirt road to the Last Chance Ranch, dedicated to the proposition that we all need a last chance to find whatever we deserve, especially love (and great sex). As you sit on the wide front porch of the Last Chance and gaze at the magnificent Grand Teton in the early morning light, you'll notice a tall, broad-shouldered cowboy climbing into a dusty ranch truck. That would be Nick Chance, the middle son. He doesn't know it yet, but his world is about to be turned upside down. And a brown-eyed beauty from back east will try to help him put it together again.

Don't you adore a man in boots, snug jeans and a Stetson pulled low over his eyes? Trust me, you'll have a really good time at the Last Chance Ranch. It's great to be back in cowboy and Blaze country again!”
Happy trails, Vicki
From VLT’s Newsletter:

“The Last Chance Ranch is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and has a breathtaking view of the snow-covered Tetons. This setting was deliberately chosen by me to enhance your summer reading pleasure, because who wouldn’t want to be in Jackson Hole in June? Or in July and August, for that matter, because after WANTED!, you can look forward to AMBUSHED! and CLAIMED!, each starring its own seriously sexy cowboy hero. Let the Sons of Chance series begin!"

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