Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flirting With Forty - Jane Porter

Flirting with Forty is a must read for all women whether single or in a relationship as one learns though the main character's journey to "be all that you can be". It's a story so profound it will have you laughing and crying at the same time. It's a story of dreams, hope and learning to be comfortable with one's self.

Once I began the journey with Jackie the main character, I honestly couldn't put this book down. I saw so much of myself in this woman; as a mother, as a wife and as a person. Just reading the story made me want to want more for me!

As the character Jackie points out sometimes we loose ourselves along the way. We get so caught up in life that we loose ourselves and we blindly accept fate. So, what's wrong with taking a chance, having an adventure, discovering your self, receiving pleasure? Absolutely nothing!

This book is not just about falling in love; it's about relationships, friendships and finding the courage to grow. As Jane points out, "growing up doesn't have to mean growing old". Amen

I loved Jane's The Frog Prince her first endeavor in women's fiction and anxiously waited for Flirting with Forty. Again, Jane Porter has outdone herself with this incredible heartwarming story. Reading it has personally given me the courage to begin anew, to explore options and yes, to encourage me "to be all that I can be"!

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