Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Frog Prince - Jane Porter

The Frog Prince readers are taken to a new realm in discovering who you are and this book takes "relationships" to a new level. If you were raised to believe in fairy tales and along would come Prince Charming, then you will definitely relate to this book.

It's an exploration into marriage, mother/daughter, sibling, friendship, and dating relationships.

Holly the central character has been raised to be the "good girl", don't kiss on the first date, have a good reputation and basically keep your innermost feelings to yourself. She felt she really didn't know her mother nor her siblings and for the most part in her family, on the outside looking in.

She marries Jean-Marc and thought this was an answer to her happiness. However, the marriage fails and she is empty and doesn't know how to ask for help from her family and friends. Relocation is Holly's only answer where she is now faced with a new city, new job and new friends. Here she learns there are no second chances and one can only move forward. Holly explores her past and what her future might hold.

This book makes the reader take a look at themselves as to why we need love, what makes a person special, do we suffer from family guilt, can we move forward and put past relationships behind and most important is there happy ever after? For the main character Holly, this was about learning who she was and moving forward. "It's the story of a young woman falling in love...with herself. She discovers that she is wonderful, she's always been wonderful, all she has to do is trust herself".

For me, this book hit right to the center of my heart! It was an exploration into my past, present and future as well. I sincerely recommend this book especially if you're a "Baby Boomer" and if you're not, this book will have a special meaning, I promise.

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