Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hit Reply - Roxanne St.Claire

When I saw Hit Reply on the shelves I knew I immediately wanted to read this book because I had read other books by Roxanne St. Claire.

However, when I opened the book and began to read it, I was amazed that the entire story was written in email form. Suddenly I thought how am I going to read this entire book? Well let me tell you, I couldn't put it down. Hit Reply was great! It's a wonderful story about three women of different ages and personalities......a book on relationships, feelings and takes email to a new level. It centers on an ad agency, featuring three ladies, the ex-employee now and sexy married Stevie. Amber, her at one time admin, now traffic manager...carefree woman who is getting ready to contact an old high school boyfriend. And finally, Julie, Amber's admin in her 40's who finds a lost romance online (major league ballplayer) and goes back and forth as to whether or not she should meet up with the guy.

This book is sexy, hot and very emotional. A romance to enjoy while eating chocolate or ice cream and you'd better have those tissues handy! It's another great story by Roxanne.

Book Description:

Written in the time-honored epistolary style but with a modern twist, St. Claire's entertaining tale introduces three women and the men who love them (or not) through e-mail messages.

Amber is in advertising, and she is facing her 10-year high-school reunion. She puts her information on an Internet classmate finder and is soon in touch with the bad boy she has never forgotten. He is totally not what she is looking for, but as his e-mails get steamier, she reconsiders her options.

Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom who's terribly lonely and worried that her husband is having an affair. Amber gives her e-mail to a former coworker Stephanie almost slept with, and their relationship rekindles online.

Julie is a divorced empty nester now working as Amber's assistant, and she, too, decides to use the computer to look up an old flame. It's amazing how well the cyber format delivers the story and how provocatively St. Claire raises such searching questions as "Is a cyber romance cheating?

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