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MIA AND THE POWERFUL GREEK (The Balfour Legacy Series – Michelle Reid

Mia and the Powerful Greek sets the stage for the Balfour Legacy series. Also author Michelle Reid’s online read on Eharlequin, Scandal at The Balfour Ball.

I was so thrilled to have read this book as Mia Bianchi was one smart, sexy and sizzling Italian heroine and Oscar Balfour’s illegitmate daughter. Her untimely arrival at Balfour Manor had caused all sorts of things with her father trying to keep her a secret, the untimely death of his wife and now a scandal. However Oscar wanted to teach his daughters a few of life’s lessons and the first daughter he chose was Mia. Oscar sent her to a one of his business associates, a powerful, dark, handsome and successful Greek billionaire!

Nikos Theakis was the perfect Greek hero as far as I was concerned. He came from poverty, abusive parents, and he came up the hard way. However, he owed everything to Oscar Balfour because he was the man he was today because of Oscar! But take in his daughter, teach her about business, social settings, give her confidence and integrity? The very same beautiful young woman he almost ran over at her parents estate? The very same woman with a “cheeky” mouth, lush curves and determination? What had he agreed to, and what was he going to do with her?

Talk about chemistry, he’s constantly touching her and he’s not even aware. For a man who goes through women like one would change his socks, Mia drives him crazy with her beautiful eyes, long flowing hair, sexy sultry voice and the same holds true for her. She may be an innocent but not for long! She loves him and when they act on their passion, it goes seriously up in flames but it becomes complicated when she finds out she’s pregnant!

What I so loved about Mia and the Powerful Greek was how Michelle Reid tied both of their feelings into knots. Mia definitely wanted love from him whereas due to his abusive past he didn’t know how to love. People viewed this proud Greek as a successful business man, a very handsome man with a string of beautiful women in his past. They didn’t know he never slept alone, that he didn’t have locks on his doors and it was even more brilliant how she chose to put Mia in Greece right along with the very mother that gave her up and how in the end Niko’s realized he loved Mia. This is going to be such an exciting series and I can’t wait to read about the other Balfour sisters!

Book Description”

While scrubbing floors, Mia dreams of a better life. Then she discovers she's a Balfour—the illegitimate daughter of one of the world's richest dynasties! Thrust headfirst into her new family's spectacularly glamorous lifestyle, she's scared….

But then comes an opportunity to learn about high society, through the chance to work for Greek tycoon Nikos Theakis, who struggled his way up, himself, from the slums of Athens to Millionaire's Row. Nikos has got where he is by always having taken what he wanted…. Until Mia's sweetness and integrity stop him in his tracks…

Behind the Book:

What do you enjoy most about writing as part of a continuity series; how does it differ to writing a single title?

This was my first attempt at writing for a Continuity series, and I enjoyed the challenge of creating a story from someone else’s ideas. However the real challenge for me had to be disciplining myself to keep the story within continuity guidelines when my writer’s head wanted to shoot off in all different directions!

Did you identify with Balfour sister you were writing about?

Oh gosh no. Mia Balfour was born and brought up Italy, so I had to teach myself to think like an Italian heroine! I do this all the time with my Italian heroes but it felt somehow quite different climbing into the head of an Italian heroine. And Mia was so young and sweet and vulnerable and brave, I admired her from the beginning and I loved “learning” to understand her.

Which sister’s hero did you find most appealing?

Besides Mia’s hero Nikos Theakis? I thought long and hard about this question but each time I decided on an answer I instantly changed my mind. So I suppose I have to say that I found them all appealing!

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