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Propositioned by the Billionaire by Lucy King was absolutely a magnificent love story and a very sensual and intense journey for Phoebe and Alex within weeks of meeting each other. It was one of those beautiful love stories once you began you had to finish it leaving you smiling one moment and crying the next.

Phoebe Jackson came from a family of over achievers with most of her siblings having PHD’s in high-powered positions. From her parents to her siblings she never felt good enough even though she was good at what she did and had her own PR Firm. And now she’s done something that no one else could; she secured a highly coveted venue for Jo Douglas, launching her new purse line and was determined to get fashion houses to buy her handbags. However, Jo’s boyfriend was drunk and was wrestling not just with a bottle of champagne but also with a flamingo, six stories up and dancing around in a pool. Phoebe was beside herself and determined not to have anything ruin Jo’s event, so she tried to take care of the boyfriend and then he swung the bottle and this dashing, strong man wrestled him to the ground and got rid of him.

Alex Gilbert was furious with his younger sister Jo because she didn’t use his PR firm for her event. He was jet lagged and determined to fire her PR person. What he didn’t realize was Phoebe was that person and he had just picked her up making sure she was not hurt and kissed her senseless. For both Phoebe and Alex it was an electric and sensual moment. And then everything fell apart, from Alex realizing Phoebe was not only the owner of Jackson Communications, she was also running inside as his sister’s handbags were on fire. Could she do damage control and save his sister’s name and reputation?

The answer was yes but he still wanted to fire her. Talk about sneaky, he offered her the chance to keep working with Jo, but he gave her a unbelievable task of flying with him to his private island to oversee a fund raiser and he was sure she would fail. The deal was if she failed, then he could take over using his own firm. What neither of them counted on while on the island was their passion for each other. It ignited and went up in flames. However, unbeknown to them was disaster going on back home with Alex’s sister so they had to immediately and take care of the PR nightmare.

Their passion was like neither of them had ever experienced and they continued seeing each other when they returned back to London. All I can say is it was such a blazing and hot romance, with some ups and downs. Alex has trust and guilt issues from his past and Phoebe had such a lack of confidence, even though she knew she was good at what she did, the effects from her upbringing and the fact that she might let her family down took it’s toll on her, plus she also suffered guilt. So when he asked her to begin an affair she refused but later changed her mind because she didn’t want to let Alex go.

Alex was a very private man. When a tabloid magazine came out with both of their pictures in it, showing them together in intimate settings, with some quotes, he immediately jumped to conclusion that Phoebe was responsible for them and it ripped out her heart. Reading Alex’s struggle to see her for the genuine and lovely woman she was, broke my heart and Phoebe’s need for him so sweet because she was going to fight for her man. Propositioned by the Billionaire was such a sweet and wonderful love story ….simply amazing!

Behind the Book:

“A year or so ago I read somewhere that PR was one of the few industries not to suffer in a recession, and it got me thinking. Modern Heat is about glamour and what better excuse to write about parties? I then decided to give my heroine her own PR Company and an over-achieving family and focused on what would be her worst nightmare. Everything else sort of slotted into place. Eventually.” Lucy King

Book Description:

Mixing business with pleasure has never been more fun!

When a drop-dead gorgeous mystery man comes to PR exec Phoebe Jackson’s rescue at a party she’s hosting, she can’t help but be tempted by the sparks of desire igniting between them…and soon both their attraction and the party go up in flames…

But her rescuer is Alex Gilbert – and he has her career in his hands! Now Alex has a daring proposition for her: she must prove her worth by staging a prestigious charity event on an island paradise or she’ll be fired! It would normally be a walk in the park for Phoebe – but with the oh-so-sexy Alex by her side 24/7 can she keep her mind on the job…?

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