Saturday, July 31, 2010

Take Me Tonight - Roxanne St. Claire (Bullet Catchers)

You won't be disappointed with Take Me Tonight; it's another wonderful addition to Roxanne St. Claire's Bullet Catcher series.

Want fantasy? Passion? A sexy hero? A spunky woman who gives as good as she gets? Then, Take Me is for you and you won't be sorry you've taken the journey and the rollercoaster ride while reading this book that sizzles, simmers and entertains.

I am such a fan of Roxanne's and this Bullet Catcher series is wonderful and Take Me Tonight is no exception! Johnny and Sage's journey in finding the killer of Sage's friend and sealing their fate will be a journey you'll long remember. As for this Bullet Catcher, watch out, he's not only tough, sexy and handsome, he can cook as well!

Book Description:

What do thrill-seeking women want?
A fantasy-fulfilling exciting rescue by a scorching hot guy...with an unforgettable night of passion. So they go to -- and then they die.

Someone has to stop it.

When Sage Valentine discovers that her roommate's shocking suicide might be related to a website that provides edgy, thrill-seeking entertainment, she immediately books her own "abduction" to get some answers. But her "rescuer" isn't really who she thinks he is....Johnny Christiano is dedicated to the Bullet Catchers, who saved him from a wise guy's life of crime and turned him into an elite bodyguard. When he's assigned to stop Sage's kidnapping, he's unexpectedly trapped between deceit and sizzling desire. But the closer Johnny and Sage get to the truth, the closer danger stalks them...until death is only a double-click away.

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