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Another marvelous book by the very talented Desire author Maureen Child. This is book one in The Jarrod series. “A powerful family divided by secrets, reunited to forge a dazzling future.” This is Erica Prentice’s story, the illegitimate child of Don Jarrod who had recently passed away.

Erica’s life had been turned upside town when a sexy, handsome lawyer from Colorado turned up and told her the father she’d known her entire life was NOT her father and that she had a sister and brothers. She was also told she had inherited a sixth of the Jarrod estate because Don Jarrod had actually been her real father. Part of her inheritance meant she must return to Colorado and help her brothers and sister run the Jarrod resort.

For Christian Handford the Jarrod attorney, there was immediate attraction when he set his eyes on Erica Prentice. However, he also knew his job would be in jeopardy if he acted on those feelings. He also realized another thing, that he had never been so attracted to a woman before in his life. This beautiful woman who he could sense was very strong, especially the way she took the news, she didn’t cry and told him she would go not for the money but for her, to find out who she was since her whole life had been a lie.

Confronting her father with her news was stressful for her but she needed to know the truth from the man she spent most of her life loving only to not have the love returned. He definitely would not allow her to work in the family business, only her two brothers. He made the revelation that Don Jarrod was her birth father, more about him than her. Erica realized when she learned the truth that her father had wanted to prevent a scandal not protect her. However, in the end she was wrong, he actually loved his daughter, he just had trouble showing the emotion.

Christian made arrangements for Erica to fly out to Aspen so she could acquaint herself with Jarrod Resorts and meet her siblings. Immediately, there was a connection with her sister but a few of her brother’s were a challenge. Her new position was to be working with her brother who was the Marketing Director and she would do the PR for an upcoming Food and Wine event in Aspen. However, the attraction between Christian and Erica went to a new level and he found it more difficult to stay away from her. When it became unbearable they acted on their passion for each other. He still resisted because of the clause that had been put into place by Don about personal involvement with a Jarrod. However, Erica was determined that he know what he was missing and she was determined that they be together.

Claiming Her Billionaire Dollar Birthright was Book 1 in the Jarrod series and a marvelous one. It not only set the stage for the upcoming books in the series, it gave the reader lots to think about, gave a little insight and dynamics into this unusual family who all left town, only to be drawn back by their father from the grave. Desire author Maureen Child did a brilliant job tying together the Jarrod family and Emily Prentice a strong and determined young woman.

Book Description:

The revelation turned Erica Prentice's world upside down—by birth, she belonged to a wealthy Colorado dynasty and her real father had left her a fortune. And the Jarrod family attorney, Christian Hanford, was there to show her the ropes. As Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome escorted her around Aspen, Erica was in for a second shock—her fiery attraction to the strictly off-limits attorney. Fraternizing with the Jarrod heiress could get Christian fired.

Which would she choose: duty to her family dynasty…or desire for a dynamic bachelor?

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