Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CLAIMED! (Sons of Chance) – Vicki Lewis Thompson

We’ve all been there and done it and I absolutely couldn’t wait for each book in this mini-series Sons of Chance, by Blaze author Vicki Lewis Thompson! Hot cowboys who reside in Wyoming on the Chance Ranch and raised horses. Each brother handsome and unique and Claimed was the last book in the series, the oldest brother Jack’s story. Honestly, I had a lump in my throat in the final three chapters, it was a real tear jerker! Plus a fabulous cast of secondary characters with a few secrets thrown in for good measure. Conflict, tension at it’s best.

In the first two books Wanted and Ambushed we learned quite a few things about the sons of Jonathan Chance. First of all, their father was killed while picking up a horse, a horse Jack Chance was supposed to take care of and one he asked his father to take care of so he could spend time with his lover Josie Keller, a woman his father wasn’t too fond of his son dating. After the accident, Jack broke up with Josie and broke her heart. He also took over the operation of running the ranch, a duty he never wanted and he became a tyrant, working himself to death and he drove his brothers crazy.

One also learned that Jack had some emotional issues and feelings. His birth mother gave him up and walked away from he and his father. His step mother Sarah Chance, even though he adored her, he kept her at a distance and while she wanted him to call her mom, he insisted in calling her Sarah. All his life, Jack had gotten away with shutting down his emotions. What Josie knew and why their relationship hadn’t worked before and probably wouldn’t work again, was that Jack built up walls so he wouldn’t get hurt, like his mother hurt him when she walked, like his father hurt him when he died. He built them so high, he couldn’t commit to past or presents relationships, that same wall that was keeping Josie out. Until he could tear it down she couldn’t be in his life.

And then there was the woman who drove him wild, Josie Keller, the woman who was going to be in his brother’s wedding along with him, the woman he hurt. He ached for her, he missed her and his family offered him an opportunity to mend fences and see her again so he came up with the plan to teach her to ride a horse because his brother and future bride wanted to get married on horseback at the Chance Ranch. Let’s just say eventually they took up where they left off. I loved Josie, how passionately she still loved Jack but was willing to walk away until he came to his senses. Claimed was a very emotional story for me and reading the final chapters I had tears rolling down my face; I didn’t want the book to end. Talk about an amazing second chance love story.

As I read all three books there was one clear message and that was the legacy that Jonathan Chance left to his sons. Life went on, and their father would have been the first to say it. He would have wanted his three sons to make their mark on the town and to know that the Chance boys had been there. He would also have wanted them to move forward. The ending left me thinking and hoping that author Vicki Lewis Thompson will somehow continue this series, writing Josie’s brother’s story and the secondary characters in the series she so lovingly created.

Book Description:

Following a dream brought Josie Keller to Shoshone, Wyoming. Following her heart brought her plenty of great sex with good-time cowboy Jack Chance! She was head over heels for him… until he left her.
Stay with one woman? Not a chance! Then why does Jack miss Josie like crazy? Had their relationship been more than just incredible sex?
Little do Josie and Jack know that a plan's afoot to get them back in the saddle…together. And once there, it's not long before they're burning up the bed sheets again!
But the past is never far away. Before it catches up with them, Jack has to decide if he's going to stake his claim on Josie, or lose her forever….

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