Sunday, August 15, 2010


Kate Hewitt has written a soulful book with two tortured lovers in Count Toussaint’s Baby.

They met at Abby’s concert, went to dinner and then to his hotel. It was magical their feelings even in light though Jean-Luc Toussaint blamed himself for his wife’s death. However, for a brief moment in time, he felt alive and that was because of Abby.

Talk about guilt Luc was feeling for his dead ex-wife. And then there was the beautiful and talented Abby who lived her life as a prodigal pianist for her father. Now due to his mismanagement of her funds, she was penniless. As for Jean-Luc he blamed himself for his past, for hurting his ex-wife and for hurting Abby.

Abby had lived her life for her musical parents. Piano and music was her life and nothing more. She had definitely never felt this way about a man and she was determined that this very special night would be one she would have and that she would give herself to this man even if it meant only this one time. However, it didn’t happen. And then months later he found her in a small seaside town and they made love.

Now months later, he finds out from a newspaper that she was pregnant with his child. Of course, being the rich and successful alpha he was he came after her and brought her home with him to France but there was no emotion shown and I couldn’t even imagine how this sweet young woman could endure not being loved.

There were so many secrets between them. Their only emotional bond between them was their baby. It was a one sided love and Abby really loved him. And when Abby learned his secrets and the mystery of his Chateau and his past I wondered if they would get a chance to make it right. However, it only took Luc to realize that he couldn’t run from his past and that instead of protecting her, he was protecting himself. It was about taking a risk and choosing love.

Book Description:

French count Jean-Luc Toussaint had never seen such a beauty! Under the glare of the spotlight, the spirited performance of the waiflike pianist mesmerized him. He wanted to taste that passion for himself!

Swept off her feet by the count, Abigail Summers naively thought she'd be forever wined and dined at his château. Instead, the unassuming starlet found herself abandoned, penniless, pregnant… and waiting with bated breath for the brooding Frenchman to read the newspaper headlines and come thundering back to take what was his….

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