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Over the past three years I’ve had the privilege of reading many debut authors from the Mills and Boon and Harlequin Presents Line. His Virgin Acquisition by debut author Maisey Yates takes conflict to a new level! It’s a very fresh, passionate and a roller coaster romance and one that had me reading well into the early morning. Personally, Maisey has I believe, an amazing career ahead of her and one that will thrill many readers of category romance. Her characters have depth and passion plus the conflict which makes for a wonderful love story.

They were both two high powered people with their sole purpose to succeed. Two people who came from such sad backgrounds. Marco DeLuca from a father that turned his mother and brother out into the streets and his mother choosing a rich man over taking care of her sons and abandoning them to take care of themselves,. And Elaine Chapman knew her father loved her but never thought enough of her abilities to run his company when he retired. As for Elaine’s mother, when she couldn’t get the attention and love from her husband, she sought out other lovers.

Talk about an interesting story line. Elaine came to the very rich, sexy, billionaire Marco, to propose a marriage of convenience with no intimacy with her goal being in the end, she would get her father’s company and he would gain some acquisitions because he had settled down. In the end , they both would win due to an air tight prenup! She was a very buttoned up woman, one that had been trashed by an ex-boyfriend which trashed her career and reputation.

However, Marco the man of the hour, the very sexy Italian alpha was known for his business acumen, for his success and for his appeals of dating models, starlets and beautiful women. Could he agree to this marriage of convenience? Yes, but only on his terms and he would change her amid would give her a makeover and show the curves she’d hidden. If she was going to be Mrs. DeLuca, then she would look and act the part. In the end, she would get what she wanted….. her father’s company because he had purchased it and would give it back to her when their arrangement was over.

Their timeline was quick….they needed to be seen together socially, then marriage and then off to Hawaii so Marco could acquire an exclusive resort. From the moment they agreed to marry, the tension sizzled between them and she being the inexperienced woman she was, couldn’t and didn’t understand what was happening. Even though she tried to tap it down, her emotions kept flaring, sensual ones that in the end she decided to give herself to her new husband. OMG, talk about emotions and passion when they finally couldn’t fight it anymore and the tension building up to it had me sitting on the edge of my chair and reading about their month together in Hawaii was incredible.

However, there were trust issues so very strong and issues that Marco didn’t understand…..especially his feelings for this most amazing woman. He believed Elaine to be like all women, always having an agenda and then the most horrible thing happened, Elaine found herself pregnant. Something Marco never wanted…..children and then the worst…..anger, harsh words and on and on. Honestly I thought, could their marriage of convenience get any worse and would they salvage it?

His Virgin Acquisition was an amazing and very well crafted romance, one I will remember for a very long time. If I didn’t know that was Maisey Yates debut book, I would have thought she had written several love stories. If you love attraction, forgiveness, passion and conflict, this is the book for you! Thank you Maisey for letting me be a part of your professional journey, the book was most amazing!

Behind the Book:

“I started writing the book right after my second son was born. I knew I wanted to write Presents, and suddenly Elaine was there, and she was demanding to have her story told. Of course, then I had to find the man who was...well, man enough to handle her! And that's where Marco came in.” M. Yates

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