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Kat’s Pride (UK) Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard (US) (The Balfour Legacy) – Sharon Kendrick

Another incredible romance written by author Sharon Kendrick. Kat’s Pride part of The Balfour Legacy series was a very emotional and sensual read. The Balfour’s were famous for their scandals, wealth, beautiful daughters and their annual Balfour Charity Ball.

Looking back a year ago at her father’s charity ball, Kat remembered how she had humiliated herself with the handsome Spanish billionaire Carlos Guerrero. He was absolutely the most handsome man she had ever seen; she was drawn to him and didn’t understand the emotions she was feeling. She shamelessly flirted with him and he made it plain to her he didn’t like it, nor her behaviour and thought her to be a spoiled rich girl. Kat rarely dated and she put up an armor using fashion and make-up to hide behind. She truly felt the moment you showed hurt, you made yourself vulnerable. However, her spirits were lightened when her father told her he was sending her away to the Mediterranean to sail on a luxury yacht.

Carlos Guerrero was not a happy man because he let Oscar Balfour talk him into taking his daughter Kat and putting her to work on his yacht to teach her responsibility. He didn’t like the young woman, even thought he thought she was beautiful, the didn’t like the way she behaved and the way she flirted. He remembered he had turned her down. You can well imagine when Kat realized not only was it his yacht, her cabin wasn’t a luxury one and she would be cooking and cleaning for his staff she exploded and wanted to be returned to the mainland. In fact she tried by jumping off the boat and had to be rescued by him.

Kat hid behind being impeccably made-up and high fashion, always showing a brittle exterior while really she was insecure inside. She was terrified someone would find out. So when he bated her, she fought back. Her first days onboard were miserable because she had never cooked a day in her life. She failed and he smirked and taunted her. Finally, she asked to use the computer to get some instructions and recipes and she actually enjoyed cooking and the crew and Carlos were amazed and pleased.

Kat and Carlos sparred until it became too much and they acted on their lust when one night when Kat had a nightmare about how her stepfather died. Carlos woke her, cuddled with her and then made love to her. Talk about combustive, I was surprised the yacht didn’t explode. And to his amazement he also found out she was a virgin.

However, one problem occurred to Carlos. He hadn’t used protection and he was the experienced one and now they had to wait it out to see if Kat was expecting his baby. As the days followed, they continued to be close, so close that Carlos share like when he was a young bullfighter and how his father had abused him. He didn’t want his child to feel that their father would be living their life through them, just like his father had done to him. And then one morning Kat came to him and told him she was not pregnant so he sent her home. Only to learn via the press that she was seen leaving an OB’s office.

They each in their own way had suffered pain and both used ways to protect themselves. In ways, they were very much alike….stubborn, passionate. I began to wonder if they could both put their demons in the past and move forward as a couple and embrace their upcoming baby. Kat’s Pride was book 2 in the Balfour Legacy, one I will long treasure. In one word it was stunning!

Book Description:

After another of Kat’s exploits makes headline news, Oscar Balfour calls in a favor. Spanish tycoon Carlos Guerrero will employ Kat as cabin crew on his luxury yacht. Trapped in the middle of the ocean with the most fiercely sexy and powerful man she has ever met, can Kat swallow her pride and learn the most important lesson of her life?

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