Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Helen Bianchin has written the most amazing love story, very powerful, very intense and made me believe that love can survive all in The Andreaou Marriage Arrangement.

Alesha Karsouli had lost so much, her father and had been married for a brief . to a horrible and abusive man, a man she thought she loved and could trust. A man who was only into the marriage for what he could get, money. In order to end her marriage, she had to call her father and tell him of the abuse and he paid off her husband. And now that father who she loved and adored had passed away and had left some of his company to his best friends son, Loukas Andreou, a man with an impeccable business reputation and and quite the ladies man. A Greek rich and handsome man she in her youth had admired from afar. And now she was being forced into a marriage of convenience with Loukas. Alesha was hurt by her father’s desire to see her married to Loukas plus the fact that she would have to share the helm of running the company with him.

Loukas Andreou was a handsome and successful business man and one could only assume while reading this beautifully crafted love story that he actually was looking forward to his marriage to Alesha. He had always found her attractive, smart and after his meeting with her, I believe she challenged him in and out of the boardroom and the bedroom as well. He certainly realized after they were married that he wanted her and was looking forward to having her in his bed. What he didn’t count on was her past and how very afraid she was of being intimate and then with horror, he realized that she had been abused by someone and then it dawn on him, her husband.

They got off to a rocky start, but with Loukas patience and tenderness their marriage blossomed, or should I say Alesha opened up to him like a beautiful flower. They went on to Greece for business and see his family and as I read this magical love story, I absolutely couldn’t put it down. Reading about their love growing, their mutual respect for each other and how they both came to realize how much they loved each other and wanted a family together was absolutely magical!

Book Description:

Loukas Andreou: a force to be reckoned with in business…and in the bedroom, as rumor has it. The same man who, to Alesha Karsouli's horror, she must marry according to the terms of her father's will.

Alesha reluctantly concedes to a paper marriage where she and Loukas will fulfill social obligations yet lead separate lives. But Loukas needs more…a wife who is doting in public. And the only way to make that arrangement appear authentic is if she's his willing bride in private…

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