Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Best Is Yet To Come/Maternity Bride.- Diana Palmer/Maureen Child

I didn't read Diana Palmer's book so this review is for Maureen Child's Maternity Bride.

They were as different as night and day. She was still trying after all of these years to prove herself to her father and was the well respected accountant of her father firm. A buttoned up and professional woman who worked with his twin brother.

And Mike Ryan, just the opposite of her and his brother, a free spirit, a man who lived life to it’s fullest and who owned a motorcycle retail store. They met quite by chance when the lights were out and he had promised his twin he would look into fixing the air conditioning in his office while he was away on vacation.

What an incredible meeting it was, full testosterone, sexual tension and neither could get either out of their minds. They took some bike trips, met for meals and the lust between them went on and on until it became explosive. Explosive doesn’t even begin to describe it. Two different worlds and one begins to wonder how there could possibly be a chance for either one of them. She turns him on, sets him on fire, intrigues him and he drives her crazy.

She an only child, raised by a man who showed little emotion. He from actually an interesting family, brothers of all occupations and his parents well let’s say sun sea and surf had always been a part of their lives and their business. A loving and close family, an interesting family.

Hot sensual attraction and tension and then the passion in the bedroom,. Beach, on a motorcycle, nothing left to the imagination and then something they didn’t plan on, a pregnancy.

Such a well crafted romance with tension both mentally and physically, two such together. Just a wonderful romance written by the extremely talented Maureen Child’s.
Maternity Bride was part of the two in one written by Diana Palmer and Maureen Child’s titled The Best Is Yet To Come/Maternity Bride.


Her Life was about to turn upside down.....all because of an unexpected night with the man of her dreams!

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