Thursday, September 30, 2010

FALCO: THE DARK GUARDIAN (Orsini Brothers - Sandra Marton

I’m never disappointed while reading a Sandra Marton romance and this series, the Orsini brothers has been exceptional. Falco: The Dark Guardian was tense, dangerous and full of sweet and tender romance. Like his brother’s, Falco Orsini was proud, arrogant and extremely handsome and a knight in shining armour.

Casare Orsini was the head of the mob and his sons absolutely did not approve. However, he had used the excuse he was dying and had asked his sons to help him and now he was enlisting the help of his son Falco. He owed a favor to an old friend who was a film director in Hollywood. One of his actresses was being stalked and threatened and she did not want the police involved. As Falco had served in the Army in Special Forces, his father requested that he fly out to California and be Elle Bissette’s bodyguard. His father had photos of her, she was beautiful and there was something in her eyes that drew him to her and made him want to protect her.

Elle Bissette had a secret past, even though she knew the threats were serious she didn’t want people to know about her past life. She had once been a model and then came the chance to star in a film. However, it wasn’t just the pictures of her she received in the mail with the threats, her stalker was now calling her at home. She didn’t want the world to know about where she came from and what had happened all of those years ago. Now she was faced with a darkly handsome man sent to protect her and she wasn’t going to have any of it! They argued and in the end, Falco won. However, not before yelling at each other and Elle was not going to let him take charge of her life.

What was it about Elle that attracted Falco? Was it her beauty, spirit or her fear? They fought, yet he followed her and then a series of things happened, from a break-in at her cabin, to her home where it was very clear to them both that the stalker was extremely dangerous. From time to time, there was some kissing, touching and barbs, it lead to a very fascinating story. I wondered who would kill who because they constantly fought and the barbs were given freely. Upon returning to her Hollywood home and seeing the mess, Falco took matters into his hands, hired a jet and took Elle to Maui where they lived in a secluded home.

Their relationship changed immediately. As shy and inexperienced as Elle was she knew she was attracted to him. When Falco kissed her, her fear of being intimate changed to desire and passion thanks to this Italian’s understanding and patience. Their days were romantic and incredible until Elle finally trusted Falco enough to tell him her story. Oh boy, what a story! And then he sent her away first with tears and then anger to keep her safe back to California with his friend. He said it was over! With the stalker dead he went home to New York in a bad temper!

I wondered how their story would end and Sandra Marton didn’t disappoint me. A beautifully written romance…..sweet and tender yet there was also anger and danger which had me sitting on the edge of my seat. In the end, they both were willing to make sacrifices to get their happy ending.
Back Blurb:

Revered businessman Falco Orsini has left life in the Special Forces behind—though he uses his powerful skills occasionally, when duty calls.

But duty is always on Falco's terms! When his estranged father asks him to protect a young model that is being stalked, he begrudgingly agrees…only because of the vulnerability he can see in her eyes.

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