Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FIRED WAITRESS, HIRED MISTRESS - Robyn Grady (Jet Set Billionaires)

Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress by Robyn Grady was a fabulous rags to riches for the hero but for the heroine, quite the opposite. Then add sizzling attraction, danger and a startling reunion for Nina and Gabe set on an exclusive tropical paradise, it’s a perfect romance you’ll not want to miss.

Nina Peterelle for the most part and lived a charmed life until her brother and father died and her mother went through her father’s wealth. She had a job she adored in publishing until due to the economy she lost it. Through a friend she learned about a waitress job at a luxury resort and hopefully she would earn enough to keep her home. However, a few things became very clear to Nina that #1 the employees resented her because a friend helped her get the job and #2, she wasn’t cut out for her position.

Gabe Steele was quite the alpha hero in more ways than one because he saved Nina from drowning when he spotted her leg trapped in a log with the tide coming in on her day off. There immediately was a physical attraction between them, they felt it, it seemed familiar and unreal. Gabe ran a very successful accounting firm and was also the owner of the exclusive resort was that wasn’t revealed to Nina until it was too late. Gabe thought Nina was a guest and didn’t know she was a waitress. What he also didn’t realize was he knew her years ago when she was a “mean girl”. A spoilt rich girl, who said mean things to him, the sister of his best friend.

Talk about an uncomfortable reunion especially since they had become very intimate. Then the walls came tumbling down when each of their secrets were revealed their identities, their occupations, their goals, their dreams. They were both different people now. Nina had learned so much from her experience at the resort and there was one thing she learned for sure, who she was and what she wanted out of life. She also knew she loved Gabe but in the end she would need to leave him and the resort behind to protect herself and her heart.

Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress was a beautifully crafted romance by the extremely talented Robyn Grady pairing together two such different lovers together and weaving a love story and giving the couple a happy ending.

Book Description:

There's only one position he wants her in...

Nina Petrelle, disastrous waitress to over-privileged island holidaymakers, has just been fired by her high-handed new boss

Gabe Steele - aka the smoking hot stranger she's just spent the best night of her life with Gabe can't say no to Nina's endless sun-kissed legs and her too-smart mouth that he's just craving to keep busy! But, despite the sun, sand and scorching hot nights, his head is definite - it's only a temporary fling isn't it?

Behind the Book:

Author Robyn Grady talks about her journey to becoming an author and talks about how it relates to her latest release.

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