Friday, September 17, 2010

HOT WESTMORELAND NIGHTS – Brenda Jackson (The Westmorelands)

Hot Westmoreland Nights was just that hot and author Brenda Jackson did an excellent job portraying one hot rancher and one beautiful woman and owner of Denver’s Simply Irresistible magazine.

I love cowboy, rancher stories and especially stories involving large families. I hadn’t read any of the Westmoreland series and now I’m hooked. Ramsey Westmoreland is one sexy sheep rancher and Chole Burton wants to put him on the cover of her magazine. Of course he says no, ranching is his profession and he’s trying to make it a success. Ramsey is one serious dude but you can’t blame him for that. On top of raising his siblings due to the death of their parents and he’s mistrusting because years earlier he was left at the altar.

Chloe Burton is definitely not interested in having a man in her life. She had one and dumped him after a disastrous relationship. The only man in her life is her father, Florida state Senator Burton. However, Ramsey stirs something in her so she decides after his refusal to be on the cover of her magazine to personally meet him and request again. However, what she walks in on, she doesn’t count on at his ranch. Ramsey believes her to be the hired cook he needs to replace Nellie who had to leave due to a family emergency. He looked her up and down and walked out of the front door and told her not only was she late for the job but she needed to make lunch for his hands, on time!

Chloe decides to stay and get to know Ramsey and as she had experience years earlier in cooking for large groups she thinks if she can get him to trust her, give her an interview that she might be able to talk him into posing for the cover. What neither Chloe nor Ramsey count on his is hot attraction and then the hot sex and falling in love.

Hot Westmorland Nights was an incredibly hot romance, with a cast of wonderful ranch hands, Westmoreland brothers and sisters and two amazing people who were absolutely made to end up with each other.

Book Description:

He knew better than to lust after the hired help. But Ramsey Westmoreland's new cook was just so was enough to make the Denver rancher rethink his rules. When temptation got the best of him, he discovered Chloe Burton was just as hot in the bedroom as she was in the kitchen.

Though their affair was growing steamier by the minute, Ramsey couldn't help but question Chloe's true motives. And when he discovered her ultimate betrayal, he was set to satisfy himself with cold showers. Until he realized his fatal mistake: never underestimate the power of the human heart, especially a Westmoreland's.

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