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Author Jennie Lucas has written a breathtaking romance with Sensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant one I consider to be on my top list list for 2010.

There are absolutely no words to describe the intensity of this love story, the pain I felt for Louisa Grey a woman who by both of the men she loved was so misjudged. And then the final blow, the man she loved, her boss, the very same man she gave her virginity to, believed a rumor about her and thought she was setting out to trap him.

Where to begin? Housekeeper Louisa Grey escaped one bad relationship in which she gave her heart to a man she was to marry until her sister sole him away by sleeping with him and becoming pregnant. Now she had a chance to start over in France as the housekeeper of the well known “ladies man” Argentinean billionaire Rafael Cruz. She was such a hard working woman not only as his housekeeper; she did everything for him from managing his homes, his staff, waiting on him hand and foot and watching him date beautiful women. She knew that his women were irreplaceable and no one will steal his heart.

From being his housekeeper in France, Louisa now found herself in Istanbul because of a one night stand she had with him in Paris. It was very complicated how the one night happened but now she feared she had become accidentally pregnant with his child and he was due to arrive shortly for his birthday party in his Istanbul home. It had been five months since they had seen each other, long months for them both. Rafael was in a fowl mood because he had found out the identity of his father only to arrive and find out he had passed away and he was too late in meeting him.

While reading the early chapters I realized that Rafael had a “dark” side and for the most part it was because he felt betrayed by his mother and step father not having the opportunity to get to know his biological father. However, he honestly trusted Louisa and she affected him on a personal level. He was determined to resume his relationship with Louisa, keeping her as his household manager. He even rewarded her, his mistress with a trip to a private Greek Island. However, his birthday party turned into a disaster and Louisa found out she was pregnant. Then he found out about her past fiance, and accused her of nasty things.

She had wanted his birthday to be perfect, she even baked his favorite brownies and dress in a lovely black dress, not her normal baggy clothes. Louisa knew it would end when she told him she was pregnant. She had given Rafael everything of herself, made his homes beautiful and had sacrificed her every need for him. And he paid her back by making curt remarks about how she was dressed, accused her of possibly trying to trap him, like her sister had with a child. However, the truth was she realized, for years she had made excuses for his bad behaviour and told herself he had some goodness inside him. And she thought herself a fool for loving him. And then for Louisa the light bulb went on, she couldn’t tell him she was expecting his child, she needed to life to him and immediately get out of his life because he wouldn’t believe that it was an accident, even though she was protected by the pill.

As fate would have it, Louisa returned home to the United States, made up with her sister and together they started a bakery with one of the most popular items offered, the brownies that Rafael so loved. Now she, her son, niece and sister lived together and were happy. She adored her family and her work until one day who should walk a year and a half later, who should walk through the door but Rafael. He wanted her back, he apologized and told her he needed her and then he found out she lied to him about their son and everything fell apart.

Just when I thought this USA Today Bestselling Author couldn’t make their love story anymore intense, well I was knocked for a loop! Once this proud billionaire found out she had lied and he had a son, everything turned upside down. Even though I personally tried to put myself in his shoes and thought about what he missed out on with his son and his father, it didn’t excuse for me, his anger and treatment of the two women in his life, Louisa his now wife and his mother. Just when I thought this couldn’t get anymore intense, wham! From threats of taking away her baby, to resuming their relationship, a fallout with his mother and then abruptly moving the family to Paris and threatening her she would loose her son if he saw his Grandmother……honestly, my heart was racing!

Sensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant was simply amazing! By ending this review and not discussing the ending, it would only be fair to fans of Jennie Lucas, the Mills and Boon and Harlequin Presents line. Trust me, they do get their happy ending? The last chapters were “tough” to read because everything Rafael Cruz thought true was wrong and it took two strong women who loved him and his son to show him the way.

Behind the Book:

For the behind the book story and an incredible brownie recipe that the heroine served her lover, take a look here on Jennie’s website!

Book Description:


What right did Argentinean billionaire Rafael Cruz have to demand her in his bed? Housekeeper Louisa Grey had managed his homes impeccably. She'd catered to his every appetite—except…


Oh, no, his virgin housekeeper did not flirt…but their simmering attraction had Rafael so close to losing control. And if there was one thing he was good at—besides seduction—it was taking charge!


But now they'd never be able to go back to being just boss and employee….

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