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Helen Brooks has written a most interesting romance with Sweet Surrender with the Millionaire because usually it’s the heroine who surrenders but in this case it was the hero Morgan Wright, the self made billionaire who lived on the bordering estate.

Morgan Wright’s parents passed away at and early age and he was sent to live with numerous relatives, no one really wanting anything of turning them away. And now, his five dogs and his housekeeper and her husband have become his family. He’s extremely handsome, well built and quite the ladies man and clearly is not interested in ever being married.

Willow Landon wants her independence and is determined to purchase a little cottage in the country. She’s been married which was a disaster, she’s lived with single friends and now she’s ready to find peace and quiet in the country when she purchases a fixer-upper country cottage. However, what she doesn’t realize is that this cottage needs work, it needs a central heating system, needs the chimney to be cleaned so when she cleans up the backyard she not only sets a huge fire, the embers and papers fly onto to the estate next door and Morgan comes to Willow’s rescue. And then, she sets her chimney on fire and again, Morgan rescues Willow and she has to stay overnight at his estate until her home can receive the required maintenance.

Weary doesn’t even begin to describe Willow. Her parents are both gone, her marriage was an abusive disaster and she absolutely doesn’t trust men nor herself. However, she’s grateful for her neighbors attention and friendship but it can only be that, just a friendship because Willow definitely has trust issues. Even though her sister and her husband approve of Morgan and encourage Willow to date him, she resists every step of the way. What so intrigued me about this love story is how quickly the hero Morgan fell for Willow, how she enchanted him and made him feel things he had never felt before.

Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe Willow and Morgan’s relationship. She’s an emotional wreck, thinking about him all of the time, dreaming about him where Morgan is quite at peace because he’s very sure of his feelings for Willow. So much so, he realizes he loves her whereas Willow is so afraid, even though her sister encourages her. And then one fateful night, fate intervenes in the form of the birth of Willow’s nephew and it becomes a wake up call, especially for Willow.

Did they get their happy ending? You bet and what a wonderful one it was, sweet and endearing!

Book Description:

Willow Landon is starting a new life. She's determined to prove herself as an independent woman, having escaped a controlling relationship. She certainly doesn't need help from Morgan Wright, her arrogant neighbor! Morgan may have movie-star good looks, own a country estate and have millions in the bank—but she's not interested.

Morgan is also determined—to show Willow just how a lady should be treated

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