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CHAMPAGNE WITH A CELEBRITY - Kate Hardy - (Chateau Lefevre series)

The Chateau Lefevre series is described as “Rich and spicy – these men are as irresistible as their wine”. Trust me, Xavier and Guy Lefevre are two fabulous Frenchmen. Kate Hardy didn’t disappoint me with her second book, Champagne with a Celebrity, it was brilliant.

To understand the dynamics between Guy Lefevre and his brother Xavier, I highly suggest you read Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex. However, Champagne with a Celebrity is a stand lone book and begins with the wedding of Xavier and his childhood sweetheart, Allie at their family chateau. Guy was loner, loved his rose garden and creating and making perfume. However he had a secret, one that could affect his business and the rest of his life. He had lost his sense of smell. Can you imagine what that would mean for a perfumer? Guy and his brother were close and so this wedding was important to him. However, he’d been there, done that to a famous super model who adored parties and being photographed by the paparazzi. He valued his privacy, was a workaholic and at a very young age had won awards for his creations and started his own successful perfume house. However, his business partner wanted to sell, he had a new creation to finish and launch and on top of that his medical secret!

The Chateau Lefevre was a lovely spot for a wedding and then Guy saw her and his heart stopped. At first he thought Amber Wynne was his ex-wife but then he learned she was a friend of his future sister-law. And then he caught her picking his beloved roses and they got off to a bad start. She was so much like his ex and that bother him. And then he learned she planned parties, appeared in celebrity magazines and was determined “never again” to be attracted to another woman like his ex. The pull between them was so strong and their chemistry sizzled. The irresistible pull between them became so strong when they danced that it led to them leaving the reception and going to Guy’s bedroom. Guy fought it, he really did but she charmed him and he invited Amber to use the chateau as a base while she was touring France.

Amber Wynne knew immediately that Guy Lefevre was special. From her friend and researching him on Google she was amazed at his success. However, there was something that drew her to him. She had been hurt by the press, by an ex-boyfriend plus that fact that in her world, everyone considered her a party girl. However, Guy made her feel special as if she mattered. She liked Guy’s wit, his quick mind and his smile. They spent comfortable days together at the Chateau, she cooking and reading him working. He even took her into his lab, something he rarely did which pleased her. And then without thinking, Guy invited her to accompany him to Grasse where he was to meet with his partner and perfume house. Their time spent together in his flat at Grasse was special as they really shared with each other. Then Amber realized she was in trouble and that she loved him, not due to their shared intimacy because it was something deeper.

Guy knew ending things would be best but he blurted out about his meeting and invited her to come along. He was sick he was keeping his loss of smell from her but could bring himself to tell her. However, he did share his past marriage with Amber and why he didn’t like the press. And he knew while discussing the media with her he had to hold them off because of they found out about his loss of smell, it would ruin the perfume house. Grasse changed a lot of things for Guy because he medical secret was exposed when there was a fire in the kitchen and Amber realized he couldn’t smell the fire. That’s not all that changed, she tried to help and everything backfired. All she wanted to do was fix his world and it blew up in her face!

The only way to describe Champagne with a Celebrity….. it was extremely romantic. Two people who had been hurt by past relationships and the press, who in only a few weeks fell in love. To share so much with each other and had to come to terms with a lot of issues and unfolding events, I wondered if they had a chance. Sometimes secrets have to be exposed, dealt with to get that happy ending. Because in the end, both Guy and Amber wanted to live their dream together. Thanks to clever and gifted Kate Hardy for this wonderful series for providing readers with the Lefevre brothers.

Behind the book:

From Kate Hardy's website

Book Description:

Pride, passion – and the paparazzi!

Beautiful socialite Amber Wynne is constantly in the press – usually for her spectacularly bad love-life! But when Amber meets gorgeous Frenchman Guy at a wedding she begins to wonder if her very public life could be stopping her finding love…

Darkly brooding perfumer Guy Lefèvre shuns the press, and he’d like to shun Amber too. She may be stunningly sexy, but a heated affair with Amber would risk the media discovering the secret that could shatter his world. But now he’s getting to know the real woman behind the celebrity facade, can he really let her walk out of his life?

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