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Shocking royal secrets and passion like no other, that’s what Annie West brings to her readers in Passion, Purity and the Prince.

Tamsin had been hurt by one man who used her to get a promotion and then he dumped her cruelly. When she was offered a job a to work with the royal archives in Ruvingia she accepted because there no one would know how badly she’d been hurt. She loved her job, was good at it, so good that she discovered it the man who soon was to be crowned king was actually second in line. The man to be King was his cousin, Prince Alaric.

Prince Alaric was not only handsome, he was also very tortured by his past, especially the death of his brother. He blamed himself for his death. He also believed love made one weak, that should he marry, it would be because of duty. However, with the possibility his cousin Raul would not be crowned king and if the word got out before the palace archives could be verified, he would need to keep Tamsin near, so he asks her to become his companion, takes her her to the royal hunting lodge in a horse drawn sleigh and then takes her to his bed.

Tamsin hid her beauty by wearing glasses and drab clothing. However, after getting to know her, Alaric saw her inter beauty and inner strength. He had kissed many women, women who were interested in his wealth and royal status. However, when he kissed Tamsin, he actually felt something and that unsettled him. Even though he knew Tamsin had been in love before with a former colleague, he hadn’t counted on her being a virgin. At times while reading their love story I felt sad for Tamsin because her childhood had been filled with loneliness, very few friends because she was a “brain”. Alaric was using her as a decoy and he made her feel things, things she had never felt before.

This handsome Prince had two serious problems. A past which gave him nightmares and a woman who cracked the wall he put up around himself. Who was he kidding, using her as a decoy to keep her from spilling the possibility that he should be the one to be crowned king? You’ll not want to miss their time spent at the hunting lodge because everything changed in their relationship. Tamsin actually lovely, needed, passionate and desired by this man who said he could never love. I held my breath because I could so see her being hurt. Because being with this prince gave her peace she had never felt before.

Passion, Purity and the Prince had an explosive and brilliant ending and the sweet Tamsin did, in the end, get her Prince Charming. The epilogue was also most enjoyable.

Annie shares her Behind the Book story at Mills and Boon Australia.

Book Description:

Untamed prince..

Prince Alaric of Ruvingia is as wild and untamed as the remote kingdom he rules. Women fight to warm his royal bed, but he ensures that none outstays her welcome. Then prim, bespectacled archivist Tamsin Connors uncovers a shocking state secret...

Or rightful king?

Now Tamsin has Alaric's undivided attention - he is drawn to her burgeoning purity and she is quickly promoted to His Majesty's mistress! Duty demands only a temporary arrangement, but their powerful passion is enough to fuel a lifetime's love...

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