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Janice Maynard has written such an incredible book set in Wyom9ing in the beautiful Tetons.  It's full of family lies, mistrust and secrets!

The heroine has returned to the ranch where she was raised and also sent away when she became pregnant by the youngest Sinclair son. His father and brothers did not believe that Jesse was the father of her son. Now Jesse is dead due to a drug overdose and she has been ask to return to help take care of the oldest Sinclair male because he suffered a heart.attack. However, the eldest son Trent is shocked to see her and she stirs up too many memories which he would rather forget.

Bryn still finds the man she loved so many years ago attractive. However, nothing is going to stop her insuring her son's future because she was determined to have a paternity test done so her son Allen would inherit what he deserved, thus securing his future. What she doesn't count on is the animosity she encountered from Trent nor the physical and mutual attraction they both felt. Trent was a successful billionaire in his own right and returned home to help take care of his father and the ranch. Sparks and words flare up between Trent and Bryn and their desire for each other remains strong.

Bryn tried not to get in Trent's way and then she stumbled upon a box of letters which revealed hurtful things that would definitely upset Trent, his brother's and Mac. However, one good thing came out of it, Bryn and the man who raised her, Mac made-up. She also got the opportunity when searching Jesse's room to collect DNA samples.  What she didn't get was Trent's trust and that was disturbing.
The Secret Child and The Cowboy CEO is about second chances for family and two people who once adored each other.  It's explosive drama and ending were dazzling to read!

Book Description:

With a disposition as untamed as the Wyoming landscape, Trent Sinclair was not known as the forgiving sort. He had certainly never forgiven Bryn Matthews and her lies. The CEO had turned his back on her, though not without another thought, when she'd claimed his brother had gotten her pregnant.

But now Trent's brother was gone and Bryn had returned…with a child he could not deny was pure Sinclair. Nor could he ignore the passion that had always coursed between them. Had the time finally come for Trent to take what he had always wanted—family and honor be damned?

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